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Though Noting It Should Be Higher, Sanders Backs Obama Pay Bump for Overtime Work


Though Noting It Should Be Higher, Sanders Backs Obama Pay Bump for Overtime Work

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though he was equally quick to say he thinks an even larger number of Americans deserve to be paid for working more than 40 hours per week, presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) was quick to endorse an announcement by President Obama on Monday that he will soon update overtime pay regulations that would give approximately 5 million middle-income workers a bump in their annual pay.


Why now? He could have issued the executive order the day he took office.


Hey, this is what they do: Spend the first 7 years screwing the worker bees, then as election time approaches, send 'em a crumb to polish up their image. People will forget the real damage: war (murder, economic & general evilness), but remember the crumb.


Which would of increased unemployment and given you more ammunition ( figurative ) to denounce him with. Do I agree with Obama and Bernie completely on this? No. But this isn’t crumbs, either. Don’t you know any of these 5 million people they’re talking about here? Some may manage fast food restaurants but it’s not only those workers who benefit. Sheesh!


I get your point, but no person working at McDonalds is even close to being effected by this unless you think non management is making 24,000 USD per year.


I gave no indication that I was opposed to this. I repeat, he could have helped these people years ago. I probably know as many of these people as anyone on this site. No one said it was crumbs, Most studies show raising minimum wages, in this case overtime, actually adds to the economy, and employment.



Again, just pointing out that this isn’t about the minimum wage worker or living wage worker, either. $970 x 4.12 =s $3,996 a month. And, Bernie #s are $1090 x 4.12 =s $4491a month. So, the Fight For $15 =s $2472 a month. When I suggested Kshama Sawant fight for $22.50 an hour I wasn’t being disingenuous as that works out to about $45,000 yearly. Not a lot of money when living in a West Coast city, btw. And, living means more than merely existing, too. Mandates are staying in place, also. Jared Bernstein is more than merely V.P. Biden’s former " happy warrior " economist here. Election 2016 is still 16 months off; we shall see.