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Though "Too Late" Now, Cables From Secret CIA Black Site Read Like Gina Haspel's "Torture Journaling"


Though "Too Late" Now, Cables From Secret CIA Black Site Read Like Gina Haspel's "Torture Journaling"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Government cables reported in the New York Times on Friday "read like torture journaling," critics said after reviewing the interrogation techniques—"loud noise, sleep deprivation, forced nudity, wall-slamming, and waterboarding"—that CIA operatives used on an al-Qaida suspect in 2002 at a secret prison run by Gina Haspel, whom the Senate confirmed as agency chief in May despite widespread outrage over her torturous record.


The problem is not Haspel’s fitness. The problem is what the CIA was designed for and what it does. It should be dismantled ASAP, along with many other organs of the National (In)Security State. Any director will be a war criminal and commit Crimes Against Humanity by definition. More “debate” about shades of lipstick on a pig.


Gina Haspel isn’t “unfit” and is likely exactly what the CIA was looking for
at this time; someone with a background and experience in torture.


We have become what we hated.


She has the charisma of a corpse. So yes, she’s perfectly ‘fit’ for the job…


Not only Republicans confirmed this woman.


I’m not sure what the title TOO LATE refers to. And why is it in quotes? Quotes these days often means not taking something seriously.

Surely most people know that there are more torture sites in the US and abroad.


Gives me shivers to think about that but the issue of torture has never been dealt with
by Congress in any specific terms as to ensuring its not happening again.

We don’t know what, if any of it, has been shut down.

And …

They forgot the cables, seemingly, but the CIA refuses to make public
Haspel’s record of torture and she helped destroy evidence - torture tapes.

Search page: https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=gina+haspel+records+of+torture+destroyed%3F&fr=yfp-t&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8


I’d modify that just a tad - the ostensible system of “governance” has become what it has projected as hate. This then toys with temporal orientation just a bit: hatred being a projection, implies that the governance system was simply projecting an already extant self-fulfilling prophesy to get what it wanted all along.
I tend to think that Chomsky was right when he referred to the system as schizophrenic.

Human beings and probably the majority of people in this country are still sickened by the machinations and as has been noted by others - “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti


On the contrary, Gina, from the CIA’s point of view, is exactly the perfect fit!


Most of us have a vision of government and the world. We believe in human rights, dignity and a better life for all people in the world. We believe in ideals - we are idealistic. When one looks at the way our government and many in the world run - there are no ideals except what they falsely promote to the public. Governments (apparently run by an unelected oligarchy) do whatever they want to promote the interests of the oligarchy. Murder is ok, torture is ok, deceiving is ok, stealing is ok - whatever they want to do - they do. It is very much like the mafia except the mafia was not elected and does not assert that it represents the people. It is like we have two governments - one an idealistic, value oriented democracy and the other - a cynical, craven, power mad organization run by a cabal who are so willing to kill and destroy and only tell lies and deceive. We really need to see the reality before we can even consider our ideals.


As soon as I get my social security set up, which will happen as soon as I get my job and new location and new bank. I have no checks. Maybe a month.


“Too late”, my butt…I’m not an international law or constitutional “expert”; however, the US is a ratified signatory to the UN Convention against Torture. Combine this with the US Constitution Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2) that treaties are also the supreme law of the land, and you have the legal basis to either impeach/convict Haspell or (assuming there isn’t a statute of limitations under international law) have her prosecuted at the International Court of Justice [World Court] (since the US is not an ICC member).

Of course, democrats and republicans have been violating the Supremacy Clause for decades, if not longer. Large percentages of officials of the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations could be brought up on charges.

It will not happen because the duopoly will continue as usual, and there isn’t a critical mass of the citizenry that gives a damn and would push the issue.


Compassionate conservatism requires a kinder, gentler CIA limited to enhanced interrogation so advocates (a.k.a. moderates) can blinker themselves in American exceptionalism without irony. Or so they hope (where’d that lipstick go, anyway?).


Not sure that comment is for me –
but sincere best wishes with new adventure, location, job, bank.


Makes me wonder if more women in government would mean less violence.


What could be expected? The mission of the CIA has expanded, time and again, to fit the time,and money, allotted for it. The Agency was spawned from the OSS, a WWII era dirty trick and spy club, run by “Wild Bill” Donovan. The combination of cowboy and frat boy cultures has resulted in the huge mess of a security operation we taxpayers joyfully support to keep our malls safe. People may want to dis-assemble the CIA, which was suggested once before, in 1963. Remember how that turned out?



Good point. While I think confirming her is outrageous, the result of not confirming her would be to install someone who facilitates or commits torture more discreetly.


You mean women like Hillary Clinton or Diane Feinstein? It seems that some women who aspire to power often lose their inner Goddess…