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Though "Too Late" Now, Cables From Secret CIA Black Site Read Like Gina Haspel's "Torture Journaling"


Yes. And wouldn’t considering women different than men in this respect be condescending?


As a now elderly woman, I would not consider it condescending. What I find really repugnant is corrupt, war mongering, dollar drenched powerful women like Pelosi, HRC, Feinstein, etc that get elected or re-elected after they have been unmasked. I guess it is the old lesser of two evils hat trick in this corrupt duopoly political farce of a democracy.

What is weird to me is that in 2016 I was told to vote for HRC solely because she was a woman. I would be a traitor to my gender if I didn’t. There of course was no way I could vote for her after the death and destruction that she caused in Honduras, her cackle at the gruesome death of Qaddafi, and other soul scorching acts when in power.


Is the belief that women are less violent than men accurate?


There is the interview where Senator Harris repeatedly asked her questions about torture… which Gina didn’t ever seem to answer. If she lied to Congress, then why can’t she be removed?

Or shoot, maybe she should be waterboarded on camera so we can actually see how it works---- just follow the descriptions from the CIA reports I don’t know what that would prove exactly, but maybe it would stop the CIA people from using that kind of torture again. and maybe even stop the CIA from lying----at least about that.


Yes, and I’ll kick anyone’s ass who disagrees!!


One take away from this vicious bitch’s history is that putting women in charge of things isn’t necessarily a positive thing. She is living proof that women can be as evil, vicious and disgusting as men can if not more.

Dr. Warren isn’t good because she’s a woman. Dr. Warren is good because she’s Dr. Warren.


I felt exactly the same way about Hillary, but I held my nose and voted for her anyhow because I didn’t want Pence anywhere near the WH. Lesser of two evils is still less evil.


She is known in the business as a torture fan, as someone who enjoys the work. Bringing her home to the US sent a message to people down through the organization. This is probably deliberate, a response to the leaks over the last years, a message to American assets that being American will not save them from the worst of treatment if they do not conform.

Torture does not work as a way of extracting information. It can intimidate people.


I am no longer able to hold my nose. I simply can’t vote for evil anymore, lessor or otherwise. We need more options in the voting booth besides levels of evil to choose from. Winner takes all sucks big time in this faux democracy.


It’s never too late.


Hi EdsNote,
that was wonderfully and ironically funny. Thank you. : )


I suggest you ask Muammar Gaddafi about that. Oh, wait…never mind.


It’s not too late to turn the screws on this war criminal.


I don’t think we hated it. We became what we’ve always wanted to be.


Not those in positions of power.


We is a pretty inclusive word, I am not part of your we.


Aren’t you clever. One can use we and not mean everyone. But thank you for being pedantic.


You assume that they actually believe in a rule of law. The evidence seems to point the other way.