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'Thoughts and Prayers': Gun Control Groups Send Ironic Condolences After New York AG Announces Effort to Dissolve NRA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/thoughts-and-prayers-gun-control-groups-send-ironic-condolences-after-new-york-ag

Prior to the 1970s the NRA was a gun safety advocacy organization. For the past half century it has been an organized crime syndicate.


Not just the NRA. Our current ‘government’ is also an organized crime syndicate.


I can’t really send my thoughts and prayers to a corporation. A corporation is a legal fiction. When we say that corporations are soulless, that’s literal. The NRA isn’t going to heaven when it dies, it’s going to the shredder and then hopefully on to a better life insulating the walls of somebody’s house along with copies of the New York Daily News. Otherwise it becomes toilet tissue.

Wayne LaPierre is different. He’s about to go through a long trial followed by an even longer stay in a gated community. We can pray for all sorts of individual tax collectors and thieves that they rethink all the stuff they’ve been doing for all of their lives while sitting on their bunk picking their feet. Social good has come out of such people before.

I fail to see the crime here - did LaPier really use corporate funds worse than Gates did at Microsoft or Bezos at Amazon? The NRA is not a charity, unlike the Clinton Foundation who fund trips all over the world for the Clintonians. This is clearly politically motivated and even if you don’t agree with the NRA, you should detest using the power of the government to suppress political speech. Imagine a Republican AG investigating and prosecuting the ACLU or the SPLC.

Next up the DNC, as corrupt as a corporation can get.

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Take this opportunity to discover this major litigant in opposition to reform of ‘gun laws’ and the 2nd greatest donor to ‘campaign funds’ in support of preserving the right to ‘bear arms’.


If the the ‘NRA’ goes down (albeit likely only temporarily) maybe, just maybe the above might finally get into the general consciousness.

The DNC has little power, it lacks direct authority over party members in Congress (who are generally beholden to local vested interests) and is not comparable with national political parties in other countries. Power in the U.S. is essentially local with state, city, and county governments acting primarily as independent fiefdoms.

You might want to refer to the 2018 court ruling that affirms the Democratic Party is a corporation, and why they have no obligation to party members or their voters.
If by “beholden to local vested interests”, you mean corporations and oligarchs, I agree. If not please refer to the links below.


“Corruption Is legal in America”