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Thousands Across US Take to Streets to Demand 'No Threats, No Bombs, No War With Iran'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/10/thousands-across-us-take-streets-demand-no-threats-no-bombs-no-war-iran


deja vu all over again…Yogi. Rise up, we are many ,they are few. Shelley…The MIC/MSM/Corps don’t give a damn what we think

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No, and we don’t care what they think.

I have finally settled in to being an All-American arm chair warrior. After the fiasco in Vietnam where I feared the draft, had to watch body bags being shipped home, and helping my brother through his bouts of PTSD I now can watch our wars like I watch football. With no draft there is no longer any fear that my children or grandchildren would be sent to war. Now that the press no longer shows us any of the carnage of battle including little girls running naked escaping Napalm or the trenches at My Lai I no longer have to suffer through the terrible consequences of our invasion. I also am spared the spectacle of seeing our soldiers return in body bags or ever see relatives who are physically damaged. No the reporters are all imbedded in the military vans now and they are told what they can report. So, if we attack Iran and kill millions of their people and thousands of our own I won’t have to pay any price or bear any burden. I’ll be able to watch reality TV shows, comedies and stream video games with no awareness of the suffering that is being done in my name. Best of all, I can go to a Trump rally, hoot and holler, scream and yell, and own the libs while our troops pay the price for my easy patriotism. Is this a great country or what? (This is total sarcasm but the reality of many of our citizens who are ready to jump on Iran with no cost to themselves.)


This is a good start. One of the lessons of history: DO NOT let the Democratic establishment run to the head of this parade so they can kill it off when they feel it serves their imperial purposes. Keep the movement independent, militant, anti-imperialist rather than just anti-interventionist. Say no to their money. They will attempt to narcoticize this movement with money and crumbs of MSNBC access.

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The globalists have been preening for war with Iran since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. Iran is part of the Axis of Evil—according to George w Bush, he of lies to push us into war against Afghanistan and Iraq, etc. Substitute Iran for Iraq and it’s the same tale only the year is 2020. Same war monger if. Same war complex slobbering to make money over the blood and bodies of soldiers and civilians alike. All hail nuclear bunker busters and depleted uranium. (Just who is the terrorist?). Trump the mouthpiece is just towing the party line, the one world party line or whatever you want to call it—the one party line, if you will. He just happens to be more arrogant and more offensive due to his personality disorder. And that he is oblivious and doesn’t care that Reagan signed executive order #12333 making illegal assassination by the US government—overtly, that is because it’s been done COVERTLY forever. Hillary Clinton and Trump and Obama have the audacity to announce it on television and to have maintained kill lists that became known to the public. There is nothing new under the sun. And, as we have witnessed over the years, our protestations will not deter global cabals from their determination to profit from killing. That’s not cynical. That’s a fact. (One mine; one awareness; one prayer for peace and love)

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