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Thousands Arrested as Attempted Coup in Turkey Reportedly Fails


Thousands Arrested as Attempted Coup in Turkey Reportedly Fails

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands of people were arrested and at least 161 killed overnight in Turkey as an attempted military coup came to a chaotic end.


"Erdoğan has faced increasing criticism for recent crackdowns on dissent. In March, Human Rights Watch condemned Erdoğan's "vicious campaign" against dissidents, which included stating he wants to expand the country's anti-extremism law to include journalists, politicians, and academics."

Now, with this coup, he'll have the rationalization to crack down harder... and all the while frame his actions as those protective OF Democracy.

Inverted Totalitarianism is creeping into many other nations... but the U.S. War on Terror Architects are the deviants who planted that dark seed that's now been blown by the winds of uncertain times to take root and grow in other nations.

What fun for citizens! (Not!) And just when they need to stand together to oppose Trade Deals that will further make mincemeat of their limited rights (to such basics as choosing what to eat to stay healthy!), and stand in solidarity to rope in the rapacious corporations that are murdering the planet's ecology, ecosystem by ecosystem.


Every time something like this happens, it's used as an excuse to crack down on citizens and eliminate freedom for the people. I don't expect anything different here. We can't have anything disrupt the security and safety of the global rich.


Here is a case where a military coup might have been a good thing for Turkey. He might have won an election, but Erdogan is a tyrant and now he will crack down with even more intensity and grab more power than before the coup attempt.

The US and NATO support him to continue "stability" for the war machine in the Middle East. So much for the Turkish people and in the long run, isn't Erdogan pushing an extremely conservative form of Islam not all that different than ISIS purports to want.


I am to the point where whenever I see a coup attempt, I see the U.S.'s hand all over it. Another country where we don't agree with the direction their leader is taking it. Sound familiar? (fill in the leader's name) was our ally before he became our enemy. Let the Turkish people decide, for better or worse. We cannot keep making (bad) decisions for the citizens of other countries, I don't care how bad that leader is.


Irony. Turkey's military often intervenes as a force for secularization. This could be a bad omen indeed.

“The Turkish Armed Forces are the most effective
guarantor of the Republic in Turkey, which is a
secular, social, and lawful state.” Ex-Chief of Staff,
İsmail Hakkı Karaday"


This paper tries to reveal the chief determinants of the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TAF)
role in political sphere. In order to shed a light upon the “guardian” role of the TAF for
the secular nation-state in general and the Kemalist ideology in particular; the historical,
theoretical as well as legal and institutional traits of the military interventions in Turkey
will be analyzed. As already known, Turkish military played a key role in the nationbuilding
process, hence the modernization era was also stimulated by the Army. It can
be argued that, having a role like this, the military elites from the very beginning of the
Republican era up to present, have not been experiencing any appreciable difficulties in
placing themselves in the political life. Unlike its counterparts, the Turkish Army has a
considerable amount of political and institutional autonomy which ultimately leads to
emphasize its role in guarding the state from “internal enemies”. This term of “internal
enemy” refers to political Islam and Kurdish movement, and from time to time the TAF
exercise direct and / or indirect political authority to a variety of extents. The question of
why the military elites still regard themselves as the only guarantor of the Turkish state is
a crucial one to be answered. The role of the civilians, the political culture, ..."

Edit: another informative piece on the important secular role of the Military in Turkey:



Excuse me, but why is no one talking about the military wanting secular society freedom and democracy? Why are we backing extremist islamic state? For the petrol dollar war


The price Perhaps for the favor of keeping the strategic military bases in turkey ,,


The model of the nation state has deep hegemonic tendencies that negate social evolution of human beings in relation to place, functional traditions and balances. "Factions" are frequently groups with an identity of place and ancestral coherence that by nature resist usurpation actions by 'assimilationist' policies in nation states shaped by western hegemony. Assimilation seems, more often than not, driven by economic theory for advantage dependent on the denial of value inherent in constant growth premises otherwise known as "externalized costs".

When I look at history and recent events, it seems that when the lacunae of the nation state, over years and in aggregate, take more than is contributed to societal and ecological equilibrium, the rationales of "externalized cost" pivot to what are apparently at times indiscriminately deemed 'factions' and turn these into "collateral damage" in a twisted ideation of the survival of unbalanced political machines.

Discernment of societal coherence of small groups with strong and healthy traditional identity seems to be dismissed in a nation state 'identity' that, due to its inherent flaws, must constantly dedicate resource to 'criminalize' those from whom it has grown accustomed to being able to usurp value ( in whatever way, shape or form).


It doesn't seem that long ago that Erdogan turned on the Kurdish population in Turkey. The Kurds have been some of the most effective fighters against ISIS and though they were at some point given inclusion in the state, Erdogan began bombing them instead of ISIS. There is some suspicion he also has been helpful to ISIS by refusing to close the crossings where ISIS comes through to sell the oil they pump in Iraq. The man is a tyrant even though he was elected. Last election was plagued with irregularities. We know how that goes since we too have them.


This, to me, seems like a " trick bag ( black ) operation" cooked up to expose Erdo's enemies ( political and philosophical adversaries ) within Turkey's current gov't. Thus allowing him to " purge " with impunity. It additionally fired a shot across Erdo's bow and almost hit him, incidentally. A win-win for the NATO mischief coming after Farce Election 2016. We are headed for MENA WAR III because prosperity and peace must always be placed " just around the fog-shrouded corner " for an enduring and functioning status quo. The feeding of the slaves to the lions will continue until the morale improves. Erdo today isn't sure if he is a lion or a slave, methinks.


Oh thank you so very much for reminding me that the nation state is owned by the rich - and of course the middle class and laboring class never ever end up as collateral damage. Oh John Ellis- what would we ever do without your articulations of the scourges of the obvious taking up space and the manly scent of the shot across the bow. [ahhhh.... swoon...]


I like the 1% versus the 99%, better. The arithmetic is so much easier.:wink:


Yeah, Erdogan was elected, but Erdogan will do his damnedest to make sure he wont need to run for president again. He will probably ban any party but the AKP from running for parliament seats too. He is also continuing the slow genocide of the Kurds, while the western press ignores it. And of course, the US/NATO loves him.


Oh and by all means ignore the fact that the Kurds first subjected to the hand of Saddam Hussein (backed by what country until he wasn't) and now Turkey (backed by what country until...)

And what do the Kurds want? autonomy.

By all means John Ellis - lets ignore the rights of peoples to establish precedent for autonomy!


A word of advice 'John Ellis' :
It is not commentary when all you do is attack others' posts. You actually have to have something relevant to contribute otherwise you are a a mere childish troll.... To be frozen out....


Yeah, but it is not inaccurate. The interests of a hourly wage earner and someone in the top 20 percent (mean income about $200K in almost always a business managerial or "professional" occupation) are not the same and usually opposed. But yes, this top and lower half stuff of Mr. Ellis is ridiculous. That would assign most unionized wage earners, like my city's transit workers, teachers and even trash collectors as opponents to the interests of the lower half.


"Erdoğan has said the plotters would pay a "heavy price" and blamed the coup on the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen." The CIA has it's finger prints all over this coup. Might want to reevaluate.


Who said that the people can't beat the military?


...he wants to expand the country's anti-extremism law to include journalists, politicians, and academics.

Who does... the bad guy, Putin? No, wait... this is in reference to the good guy, Erdogan. Please forgive me for my endless confusion in these matters.