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Thousands Call on DNC to Oust 'Corporatist Tool' Wasserman Schultz


Thousands Call on DNC to Oust 'Corporatist Tool' Wasserman Schultz

Nadia Prupis, staff writer



Author sez: "The petition, organized by the grassroots group RootsAction.org, castigates Wasserman Schultz for what the group describes as an attempt to ‘minimize competition for her candidate Hillary Clinton’ and for her actions in U.S. Congress as “a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders.”

In other words, “Heckuva job, Schultzie.”

Look, all this righteous indignation is fine, but the woman is a symptom, not the disease. The team assembled around Clinton after a general election win would make Wasserman Schultz look like Little Orphan Annie.


Yes, Goebbels, the accusations leveled against DWC are applicable to way more than half of elected Democrats. She is simply fullfilling the mission established by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) more than three decades ago: GET MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP.


“make Wasserman Schultz look like Little Orphan Annie.”

So that’s what the curls were supposed to do! Sorry, Hillary’s BFF, you don’t project enough sweetness and light to pull off that masquerade. The effect is kind of like an aged empress’s new clothes. We can still see the real you.

Too bad for you.


Removing Wasserman Shultz is one thing, Righting the Wrongs she has Perpetrated and Abetted against her Millions of Fellow Democratic Party members is another.

This proposed “ouster” is Window Dressing.

Listen to Any One of Bernie’s Speeches and you will know Against whom Their Damage has been done.

We the People/ Citizens of the Democratic Party have a right to expect Rectitude in the Fellow Citizens/Party Members who would assume Leadership Roles within the Party.

That they would seek to Undermine what is a Once in a Lifetime opportunity for Democracy in Our Country clearly shows them for What they Are.


Bernie or bust!


Echoing most comments here:

If public outrage leads the DNC to throw DWS to the wolves, that’s a good sign; but insignificant on its own, in terms of actually turning the Democrats away from their decades-long, ever-more-intimate entanglements with the corporatocracy. Much bigger house-cleaning is required, to remove the fetid stench of corruption.


also, i remember when “w” first ran for top spot, the news folks on every channel said something like, “bush is such a likeable guy; the type you’d like to have a beer with.” i did not see him as particularly likeable. anyway, 'twould be rude to offer him a beer. he suffered from alcoholism.


If the Dems don’t dump Hillary and nominate Sanders I fear there’s no stopping Trump.

Even if she’s not indicted Trump will tear her to shreds, and rightly so!

Sure, Hillary’s the “responsible candidate” … if you want to continue the neocon/neoliberal agenda of warmongering abroad and ignoring pressing issues here at home.

But if you can’t get her elected, what’s the point of nominating her?

Lord only knows what Trump would actually do.
Or maybe not; He may be scratching his head too!


Debbie must go. But it should have been done months ago.


If she wasn’t ousted by delaying the debates, scheduling too few debates, and scheduling debates at poor times I doubt if she will be ousted now. My guess is that Sanders isn’t helping himself by continuing to suggest that election was rigged because of closed primaries. I think every member of the Democratic establishment knows that the least democratic aspect of the election is the caucuses. Moreover, Clinton won more open primaries as well as closed primaries. Therefore, while I think there is concern among Democrats about some things Debbie Wasserrman Schultz has done there is also concern about the false statements Sanders continues to make about the election being rigged.


Claiming the election is over and Hillary won is a form of voter suppression.

Shultz is not alone in her attempts to derail the Sanders campaign. The Clinton machine and MSM have done their part too. They have been so busy doing it that they have failed at vetting their favored candidate, Hillary. They should have seen this coming, it’s their job, but they have backed a candidate that is not only in serious legal trouble (server) but is also fiercely disliked and untrustworthy, dated and out of touch, and all at a time when the country is angry and anti-establishment. While her poll numbers drop and Bernie’s climb one would have to wonder if by convention time they may need Bernie a lot more than he needs them.
Bernie is the only one that can save them from their blind decisions. Unless of course electing Trump is what they want.


It’s Bernie all the way. He is the unbelievably real deal to come along in our lifetime.


The Main Stream Media Should all have their Licenses Revoked under the Rico Criminal Racketeering Statutes. Their Approval and Trust rating is down to the lowest ever. Only 6% by the last pole I saw believed anything that they said.
I believe they should be charged under the Federal Statues that should remove their licenses to broadcast their CORPORATE SHRILL LIES. The Problem is that There is so much collusion because of Citizens United and the Corrupt Supreme Courts Decision to give corporations the same rights as people. If that is the case. Corporations should face the death sentence for crimes that end up killing innocent people for their own personal profits. Corporate CEO’s and Bankster’s should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. I believe when the Russian Government releases the 20,000 top secret emails the obtained from Guciffer, the hacker they caught hacking RT-Today Network, and then the monitored his actions and recorded all his booty of hacked documents, including Hillary R Clintons Personal Illegal Server. The reports are they have enough to put the Queen of War, Greed and Militarism away for Espionage and Endangering the security of every American Citizen. If they Main Stream Media does not report this they should be charged with the Espionage Act for Aiding and Helping the enemy. Clinton should be in Jail for a very long time for her actions detrimental to the Security of the United States of America.


DWS should go, but her service as DNC Chair is a symptom of a much larger problem. So making her a sacrificial lamb is not a solution. Plus, the damage over the past few months has already been done.

Hope she loses her House election primary.


I agree!


“Hope she loses her House election primary.”

…and does not follow that loss by accepting appointment to a cabinet post in a Clinton administration…


In the big Unions, there is a form of official corruption called “double-dipping” or even triple-dipping, where a Union official keeps their job and their pay at their local, and also accepts a job with full pay at the regional or national level.

Why is it allowed for a US Representative, to take a second job as a political party chair, and keep being paid as “the people’s representative” in the US House?


You can bet your last nickle that there is a cabinet seat or other high level appointment with DWC’s name on it in the Clinton Administration organization chart.