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Thousands Demand Charities Call Off Galas at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate

Thousands Demand Charities Call Off Galas at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands of people are protesting two major medical fundraisers scheduled to be held at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, this month.


Red Cross and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are now on my list of charities that I will boycott. No contributions from me or my family. Please join me.


It looks like protesters can stand a couple of blocks from the center of the event. So, my idle question would be, what would a bucket of dead fish cost down at the pier today, and how badly would that same bucket of dead fish smell this Saturday night?


I’m not sure you could smell it over the stench of hypocrisy, money and corruption.


Damn straight the organizers need to find another venue for their fundraiser.

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They need to JUST CANCEL. Yes, there will be a financial cost to do that, but there will be HUGE financial cost, potentially for years, if they don’t.

Assuming they have their heads firmly up their asses, the protests need to be massive. It’s time to make TPTB uncomfortable. Tie up traffic. Continue protests at Mar-a-Lago even when there are no fundraisers. Occupy government, national, state and local. I fear that failure to make the resistance BIG, and soon, will give them time to figure out how to stop us.


OK, I’m confused . . . Glimcher said it took months to plan, and others are claiming similar “inability” to change venues so late.

But they didn’t know Trump was going to win until late last year. Has that estate been used for such events for a while now? I’m wondering why decent self-respecting non-profits would use such a vulgar venue . . . sounds like bad PR for donors who care how their money is used.

“Money, money, money…MONEY!”

…and a wonderful venue for those donors who don’t give a sh*t about how it looks, but think they can buy their way into “goodness.”

The Red Cross was exposed years ago for the mishandling of donations, but 90% of Americans think that if an organization calls itself a charity it’s doing good work. No so. Most are as crooked as the politicians.

They need to channel Nancy Reagan: “Just Say No” :wink:

“If Obamacare is repealed, it will be a disaster; 30 million Americans will be left suffering without health insurance…”. But the TV commercial keeps telling me that there is a plan. Who should i believe? TV or real life? That’s a tough choice.