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Thousands in Toronto for Historic #JobsJusticeClimate Mobilization


Thousands in Toronto for Historic #JobsJusticeClimate Mobilization

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Demanding a clean energy revolution, respect for First Nations communities, green jobs, and true environmental justice, thousands of Canadians are expected to turn out in Toronto on Sunday for a much-anticipated March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate.


Mass movement, mass mobilization, broad and deep solidarity, risk and resistance, civil disobedience, civil resistance. Feed each other, take care of each other, face the extractivist monster and all its tentacles. Join the movement in your community, support the people on the front lines, support indigenous communities, support all the species of the Earth. Feed each other, take care of each other, broad and deep solidarity.

Crazy times are not coming, crazy times are here. How will you respond? How will we respond?


Everywhere people are rising up for justice: For Mother Earth and against inequality. Let’s fan those flames of discontent!


Canada! Follow the example of other nations victimized by the greedy vampires of oil, coal, medicine, financial exchanges!

  • Argentina, Iceland, and now Hellas have told the vampires “No more blood!” No more hunger, homelessness, job loss, poverty, austerity, just to fill their coffers! These nations have thrown out the banksters and their puppets, to restore freedom and democracy to their nations and peoples. To rebuild with honor and dignity.
  • Hopefully, their example will stimulate Spain, France, and Ireland to do the same.
  • The vampires love to slake their thirst on the people of small countries, but they also prey on the bigger nations.
  • The USA has been converted into a Fourth Reich, to gain control of the world. Canada has also been changed from the decent, respected nation it was for years, to another predatory government.
  • BDS all of these vampires and their lackeys controlling governments for their own profit. Expose all of them to the sunlight! Watch them writhe and scream as they slowly desiccate and blow away!
  • Rebuild with honor and dignity, and respect for all of your people.


Ordinary people. ahhhhhhhh… Must be nice to be ordinary.

You get to breed and shop and then blame everyone else for the destruction of resources and the lack of growth in the economy.

The only difference between the left and the right, ordinary people and corporation, is a fight over who gets the money.

Both ignore overpopulation and climate change. Both think there is no end to growth and that resources are infinite.

Yes, they mention climate change, as if it is a magical thing caused by corporations. But remarkably there is not discussion of their own breeding habits and overpopulation. That would mean actually thinking about the issues and not spewing slogans.