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Thousands Join Ben & Jerry's to Demand Criminal Justice Reform, Extending Benefits of Cannabis Legalization to Communities of Color

Thousands Join Ben & Jerry's to Demand Criminal Justice Reform, Extending Benefits of Cannabis Legalization to Communities of Color

Julia Conley, staff writer

The ice cream company Ben & Jerry's was among those on Saturday who sought to draw attention to inequities which have become increasingly apparent since more states began loosening cannabis restrictions—a shift which critics say has mainly benefited white and upper-class Americans.

"It’s 420 Folks"

Here’s a shout out to all you "Herb Lovers."


Let’s be clear: What’s going on around here?

Some say Ben and Jerry’s is involved with Israeli land seizure settlements on Palestinian land.

If Ben and Jerry are concerned about racial inequities in militarized US cities; How can they be supportive of military backed land grabs elsewhere?

Which story is correct? Can I eat their ice cream or not?

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Personally I think it’s the new Jim Crow, the powers that be don’t want those of color voting. B&J do cute things, I have eaten better ice cream. What do they do with their money? Are they supporters of the apartheid state? Don’t know. I guess 420 depends on what lens you look through. Street pot is still cheaper and good enough for poor folks. Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright…Dear John.


Here on the Left Coast, as of this writing, it’s 4:13 on 4/20. We’re outa here!


As a New Yorker I’m blown away that Weed is not yet Legal. Booze is, and they shove it down our throats and expect me to swallow it? Ummm, well, ok… Ben or Jerry should make a Weed flavor ice cream. That …would be edibley delicious!


Making a medicinal herb illegal and criminalizing it’s use. Now that was counterproductive on so many levels.


But, if we legalize weed how are we supposed to keep the prison industrial complex supplied with cheap labor?


Have one for me Ed.

From the Right Coast.

"I don’t know Man, but it should be a gas finding out."

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The Israelis have been researching the medicinal properties of cannabis since the 70’s.

There’s some word they’re close to a cure for cancer utilizing cannabis.

Imagine that Lindaann.

Into the Sun.-Grand Funk Railroad.

I never got it about GFR.

Right around 4:25 each pm, I notice my comments here getting more profound.

Everyone else notices something different.

Which is cool.


No likey? They were a good live band to see. Very impressive as a power trio. Saw them twice. Their Shea Stadium performance was one of the best.

Which band rings your chimes Chapdrum?

Perhaps it’s because you’ve satisfied your 4:20 pledge for the day, and you’re now moving towards your mind expansion phase.

Or, your profound comments time.

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From that era: The original Allman Bros. Band, Steely Dan, etc.


As requested…


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I would be a happy man with that one jar.

Even the VA health system realizes the benefit to veterans, but the doctors have their hands tied like so many others.
Where is the resistance to legalization? The insurance and big pharma industries.

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Don’t forget the alcohol and prison industries.

Something else worth a listen is: Beatles. Sgt. Peppers Live (analogues).

This special because we never had the chance to see the Beatles perform this.