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Thousands Join Greta Thunberg in Letter Telling Global Leaders It's Time to #FaceTheClimateEmergency​

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/thousands-join-greta-thunberg-letter-telling-global-leaders-its-time

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I love Greta as a truth teller, but sending a letter is so meaningless to these leaders. They don’t care as long as the system that empowers them continues. The only thing that will have any possible effect is for people to get out in the streets with ongoing general strikes and boycotts around the world and shut down the system.


I agree and Greta means right but my analogy it is like sending letters to the Mafia asking them to reform themselves!


Why do I picture in my mind, the worlds people wearing gas masks and holding umbrellas?

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Best answer ever.


At some point, necessarily very soon, protests need to give way to just taking power by any means necessary. You don’t just let a driver drive you off a cliff if you can stop the car. Do you politely allow the driver to kill you, or just take control of the damn car? In the US, there is no appealing to those in power, capitalists or people that want to maintain the capitalist system. They will drive the car off the cliff. It is about power. Take power and put in place needed changes, but writing letters, marching or protesting isn’t going to work. Take power, and realize that revolution is likely the only means of taking power. Doesn’t have to be violent, hopefully won’t be, but especially here in the US, this system is impervious to change even during a pandemic and is crippled by corruption, ideological rigidity and a Pravda like media apparatus. If it changes, it will do so only because the empty, rotten, soulless pricks in power fear losing power and fear losing the system that enriches them.

Personally, I don’t want to tell Trump and Pelosi to listen to me. I want to take them on directly and I am sick of their bullshit. They offer me nothing, they offer my children nothing, they offer nothing to fix any major societal issue, and I see no value in asking them for anything anymore.

And if anyone wants to argue against such a thing, fine, but then provide how you realistically put in place the needed changes in the time we have. You can’t, so you are just arguing for people to accept collective suicide.


Time to take the power back where it always belonged …

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The world can simply no longer afford climate denying eccide leaders like Trump, the current Brazilian leader Bolsonaro and other authoritarian dictators who advocate for environmental destruction as means to provide jobs and economic growth that accelerate planet destruction. As the letter states ecocide should be considered a high crime.

Agreed, the only way now is to cause economic pain to those ignoring climate disaster. We have to march and cause problems for giant oil and banking financial industries. We must disrupt business as usual because climate isn’t as usual.

Too bad the rich could do so much more to help turn the tides in favor of mother earth.

The United States had time to get ahead of covid-19. Countries such as New Zealand got ahead of the virus, drove their infection rate to zero and then reopened their businesses and schools. “I wasted time, and now time doth waste me.” - Shakespeare.

I want to name specific actions that remained undone for years when I accuse both Republicans and many Democrats of a delayed mass killing off of their own constituents through neglect.

First and foremost comes practical research and development that never got done, not by any state, not by any nation on earth, not by any regional coalition of states, not by any nonprofit university that promised in writing to be on the forefront of mission-critical climate research and not by any private philanthropist whatsoever on earth, not even one. I could possibly give the Trump Foundation a pass on this one because the courts drove their crooked foundation out of business too early. Nah. Bernie Madoff doesn’t get a free pass either.

  • In the 19th century Sweden developed a stove with 1/2 ton of thermal mass that could hold the heat of a wood fire all night. We need to develop heat storage so that we can hold the sun’s heat all night and not burn so much natural gas. That little job never got done. Half of natural gas use is for heating.

  • We need to store coolness too.

  • We need to store seasonal solar heat in-ground to run local steam electric generators in a manner similar to Iceland tapping former lava fields for geothermal power. Nobody gives a hoot. Megadeath Baby Megadeath! And not the band.

  • We need a 90% displacement of fossil fuels for transportation, and that includes the fuel spent building more freeways. Freeways can’t be fixed to 300 mpg-equivalent standards. This is a <> big R&D project. Big relative to the destruction of almost all the forests on earth? Not really.

  • The Arctic is melting down, releasing a teraton or more of greenhouse gases. This is doom. Who freakin cares enough to shell out a buck a year?

  • We need to reorganize most of the earth’s acreage to maximize plant-based sequestration of carbon on that acreage. A couple of people dabble. Is that how we want to save our grandchildren’s lives?

So, why is your state running in covid-19 blood and why is your state also running in your grandchildren’s blood?

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” – Dr. Robert Oppenheimer quoting from the Bhagavad-Gita in 1945.

Hi TrumpTowerofBabeI:

I Iike the Ietter—because Greta and the group are reminding the EU and others that other agreements have gone down the drain—even though nations signed them. Send them ONE last letter, and then-- fiII the streets with so many peopIe that NO one can drive anywhere! And too, do we reaIIy need aII those military, boats, pIanes and soldiers poIIuting Iand and sky? ReaIIy, you insane military people , there won’t be much to fight over if you insist on bIowing everything up!

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That may well be. But the letter is ultimately a letter to the people, ultimately; assuming there is sufficient sharing / publicizing of it. I believe that while this bright and passionately principled young woman is addressing the ‘leaders’, she knows full well that it is up to the masses to force the political systems to change.

This is also the essence of my own exhortations; for in my view, depending on electoral outcomes and elected officials for the changes needed is a mistake. I’ve probably begun to sound like a broken LP (anyone remember those?) in saying that the criticality and urgency are now such that only a massive, strategic, coordinated and expanded popular uprising, using every economic tool at our disposal to influence, disrupt and pressure the markets & financial systems, will be sufficient to force the changes needed in the time frame required. And we’d better get on with that part pretty quickly; there’s no time left to lose.

Marching doesn’t do it. Economic sanctions might work. The only thing “they” answer to is money pressure. We need more leaders though I dearly love Greta. Personally I am facing the music and letting go of everything I hold dear. I really don’t have much hope for the humans.


Right on! It is okay to be keyboard warriors; but a waste of time unless followed with constructive actions.

* Starting today—establish annual, binding carbon budgets based on the current best available science and the IPCC's budget which gives us a 66% chance of limiting the global temperature rise to below 1.5 °C. They need to include the global aspect of equity, tipping points and feedback loops and shouldn’t depend on assumptions of possible future negative emissions technologies.

Alas, the cat’s out of the bag; we haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of limiting our temperature rise to 2°C let alone 1.5°C.


“…it is like sending letters to the Mafia…”

Or sending a letter to Hitler, asking him to please stop killing.
The day TPTB take Greta and her followers seriously, she will be killed. At some point the people will have to do what they have to do, as Joan implies above. I’ve been telling people here at CD for quite a while, we’re not going to vote, nor do I believe protest our way out of this. I don’t want it to be this way, but it is what it is. I don’t think it’s an accident that 3 major countries, and 2 minor countries had fascist leaders installed within a few years of each other. This is a major push by the global capitalists/fascists to gain total control. Beating this back is going to make WWII seem like a walk in the park.

Mohandas Gandhi took concrete actions. Yes, he negotiated with the British rulers of India. Then he, his followers and great numbers of Indian citizens undertook actions that weren’t what the installed British government decreed. The ability to control left the hand of the British government.

Gandhi walked 800 miles, picking up followers to create a mob of walkers, to the seashore. At the seashore he picked up a pinch of sea salt from the bottom of a dried pan. The action was innocuous but technically it was illegal, because the British government had just put a tax on salt. In a few days millions of Indian citizens were buying and selling small amounts of salt for the specific purpose of not paying any taxes on that salt. The British went after the leader, Mr. Gandhi, for all the good that did.

Gandhi had a spindle for spinning cotton grown in India into thread, along with a loom for weaving cotton thread into cloth. England had mechanized mills that were 1000 times as time-efficient. The point was social defiance of Britain’s system of buying Indian cotton at rock-bottom prices, shipping it to England which could monopolize the machinery and sending back cotton cloth at extreme prices. Better even to walk half-naked than to tolerate a system that starved millions of Indian citizens.

The United States government is inherently corrupt. You have two good choices. You can work like crazy to get good legislators vetted and corrupt legislators de-elected. If that seems impossible because of the terribly corrupting influence of money, then you can walk across the street and set up a second government. Now, setting up a second government might technically be illegal and in practice would invite violent retribution from the crooks, so if I were the government I would be a shadow government for a long time. Then, someday, I’d try to pick up a pinch of sea salt down at the seashore.

It sure seems that way, but we have no chance with violence because that is what the Fascists love!

You want to be taken seriously yet have demands like this:

“Effective immediately, halt all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction, immediately end all fossil fuel subsidies and immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels.“

We don’t have substitutes for all fossil fuel products

And even the ones we do aren’t even remotely at proportional scale to fossil fuel development.

This isn’t an industry where you can just turn off the light switch and expect not having any cataclysmic repercussions…

Demands like this are why people think you and this movement are delusional…