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Thousands Killed, Yet the Western Arms Keep Flowing, One Year into Saudi War on Yemen



What a coincidence that the worst human rights offender and war criminal states in the ME region are US allies, supported, funded, and armed by and with US weapons. The worst and prime mover of destabilization and conflict, used to cloak ethnic cleansing and numerous violations of International Law, is our "special ally", that is now receiving obeisance at the annual AIPAC bootlicking by US politicians and Congress........


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In many fields of modern thought, we trace the chain of causality through a number of steps and use that knowledge. Striking how our economic regime that rules all decrees that no such examination or evaluation can be made. For some irrational 'reason', in economics and economics only, humans should put all considerations of morality, social justice and democracy aside. Economics and its political chums cannot and will not allow these variables into the discussion and certainly not into the decision making.
Like other thinking disconnected from reality, denying reality, this pathology will wreak its havoc.
Exercise your rational and compassionate capabilities as a human being - refuse to work in these areas and refuse to fight in conflicts based on lies. Vote for politicians who will stop this.


Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, facilitated arms sales to the Saudis, who contributed generously to the Clinton Foundation.


Thousands were killed by the pro IRANIAN rebels Hothies who killed women and kids. Saudi was asked by the legitimate Yemen Government to help fight the Pro IRANIAN hothies> and the do it with UN approval.