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Thousands March on 5th Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy


Thousands March on 5th Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

- Common Dreams staff

Demanding bold powerful action from state and local officials.

#Sandy5 March


The forecast for Sunday night is 2-6" of torrential rain, possibly 8", on a north-south line from maybe Rhode Island north. That’s from Weather Underground.

The first lesson from Hurricane Sandy is, don’t wait for the ocean to rise six feet. A category 1 storm can wipe out a lot of subways if it’s 900 miles wide, the newest trend in storms. Katrina was a category 2 when it hit Mississippi with a 38 foot storm surge.


Climate chaos/ecological crisis is the seminal issue that should bring all of humanity in all its hues together.


Politicians, should have to demonstrate a basic understanding of environmental stewardship to run for office. Every bill or law they advance should include a provision of that understanding. Any person that considers immigration (since it represents 82% of our population growth) should have the same requirement. We should all decide what that means.


Would be nice, but when there are peabrain congenitally STUPID Conservatives voting as useful pawn idiots for the rich, good luck with humanity coming together. The cretinous scum sees the Earth as a garbage can to be raped and pillaged for their own sick, demented pleasure. I say f-ck these right wing bass turds!