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Thousands March with Urgent Message in London: 'Time To Act on Climate!'


Thousands March with Urgent Message in London: 'Time To Act on Climate!'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Thousands of people took to the streets in London on Saturday as they marched on Parliament to demand immediate and aggressive on climate change ahead of the UN summit on the issue which will take place later this year in Paris.


Can’t believe no one is here yet… I could only listen to about 0 minutes of this… it supports my initial theory of those who proposed that climate change was the result of the chem trails spraying… to create climate change… even IF they are spaying…my take is that they are doing geoengineering to stop catastrophic climate change… not to create it… and… I do not agree to spray to stop it… we need to stop industrial civilization… .
It’s funny how things can get conflated… here you have a guy who puts we who know climate change is happening, but also want to “power down” and go a’ natural…with the same people that are supporting GMO’s… doesn’t he see that there is a whole slew of climate change activist that are against GMO"s?


No wonder we havn’t been able to come to any k ind of real action on climate change… we are all on different pages…


Leave it in the ground? Nothing will change as long as the fossil energy and their bankers are above ground. They have the most profitable racket in recorded history. Stop being naive. It’s them or us. We’ve had solar and fuel cell technology for more than 50 years. Our corporate owned government has been picking winners the whole time. Themselves. Ethanol from grain crops is not a positive part of a solution. Profit is not edible and does not cure illness. Neo royalty is a crime against humanity.