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Thousands Mobilize in France Against 'Headlong Rush into Authoritarianism'


Thousands Mobilize in France Against 'Headlong Rush into Authoritarianism'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Thousands of people in Paris and other French cities hit the streets on Saturday to protest the controversial state of emergency that one organization says is an indication of a "headlong rush into authoritarianism."


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Yeah it could get bad and it could be used as an excuse to 'take over' and replace democracy with authoritarianism.

The powerful has tasted the "ease of power" - i.e. that when you have the power then doing what you want becomes easy. Democracy is difficult. Democracy isn't simply ordering something to happen like a dictator or a king. Democracy takes work - it isn't so easy.

The governing elites, the plutocrats, the corporate oligarchy and the neo-nobility class is tempted. They have taken so much power that they are tempted to keep it. They have loosened the grasp of democracy and salivate over the taste of power that is almost within their grasp.

Climate change, economic turmoil, terrorism whatever... any and all excuses for a take over. Democracy demoted!

Yeah ... this really could get bad... it has before... it could again.

Not just in France either.


Given these "terrorist attacks" are used as reasons for gaining powers Governments have long sought it becomes necessary to question the official narrative on every such attack.


Meanwhile in America, the masses slept...


And I fear that many will awaken looking out from behind the razor wire.


The purpose of most false flags is to institute greater controls over citizens.

By using trauma, a percentage of citizens will look to government to protect them; and none of these individuals will consider that they're seeking comfort in the arms of the perpetrators of the crimes, themselves.

France is interested in recolonizing parts of Africa. It will need a pretext. If the part of Africa that's of interest can in any way be tied to some Muslim radical group, then attacking "it" presents the doorway into that resource rich corridor.

I was never sold on the Charlie Hebdo thing... and this latest Paris False Flag looked like amateur hour.

Now, thanks to actual footage from people in that city (posted on You Tube), flaws in the Official Story are not hard to find.

Cui Bono?

Who does it serve?

The elites are pushing legislation not just related to TIPP and TPP. They are close to instituting their own government (of, for, and by the corporations) that will leave citizens out of all decision-making capacities. In all likelihood, the language in these anti-terrorist govt. protocols is loose enough to also target any bold individual or group who opposes a corporation that is recognized as important to the financial stability of said nation.

Once Harper's Magazine posted an article on the rise of the private army for hire... I knew things would come to something like this.

Privatizing war... it creates a legal no man's zone where no chain of accountability or adherence to international law necessarily holds or holds weight.

The currency crises, commodities losing value on a regular basis, spread of instability and refugees, and harvested-food insecurity likely to emerge from major fluxes in weather and climate patterns all convince elites that they'd better have a modus operandi ready to CONTROL the masses.

These 3 rank pretty high on the list of massive historical frauds:

  1. Selling swamp land in Florida
  2. The Catholic Church selling rich patrons "Indulgences" (expectation of a guaranteed place in heaven)
  3. Using inside job terrorist events to scare the masses into paying for their own surveillance and potential incarceration


I sense it is/may have been a little too obvious this time. I sensed a different tone in the reaction of the public to this latest round of shenanigans, and have noted the term 'false flag' is increasingly making it's rounds in the general discourse. Lets hope the tide is turning.


The French government is trying the Authoritarian version of Disaster Capitalism that worked so well here in the U.S.

Hello fear mongering, goodbye rights.

If there were no terrorists the rulers would have to invent them.

Oops, they already did.


There is also ample precedent for these types of attacks staged by Governments in Europe and blamed on other groups. Courts in Italy and Spain have concluded that many of the terrorist attacks of the 60's and 70's and blamed on Communists was the work of the deep State in Operation Gladio.

These attacks included the assassination of an Italian Prime Minister.

Courts in Ireland have concluded that many of the attacks blamed on the IRA involved agents of the Government who had infiltrated the IRA and helped orchestrate the same.

The shooting claimed to have been done by Muslims in the USA recently is also suspect as multiple witnesses claimed the perpetrators were white males.

The Boston Marathon bombing and the Murrah bombing are all suspect.


Its happening:


Private armies/militias were a fundamental part of the rise to power of the Italian Fascists and German Nazis. Mussolini had his storm-trooping blackshirt squadristi and Hitler his brownshirt SA and later the black-clad SS, and once their respective leaders and parties were firmly ensconced in the halls of power, these thug militias were folded into state institutions. Knowing well this ominous historical precedent, when I saw the rise of private armies and militias starting in the US and eventually morphing into evil entities like Blackwater/Craft (who were present at the Boston Marathon caper), I knew we were pretty much on our way, if not already there. Throw in the fact that most of the country's illegal warfare is conducted by the ultrasecretive and unaccountable CIA in coordination with these private groups, and you'll see that by this point we (the people) are already neck-deep in an authoritarian structure of governance sustained by the equally unaccountable class of high finance. Representative democracy is basically dead. All the rest--"elections," press conferences, pseudo-debate in Congress, etc--is pure window dressing.


You are absolutely right. I am an American living in France, and the French political class's copycatting of the US's post-911 crackdown program is utterly abject in its exactitude. Sometimes the statements are literally verbatim with respect with what the American politicos were saying. Just yesterday crypto-fascist PM Manuel Valls was saying that this is a struggle that "will last a generation" and that "we shall have to fight them in many different countries abroad" "to protect our citizens at home." It's really as if they're reading from a script.


"Terrorist Attacks"-TRULY.... they are attacks conducted by home-grown powers of Empire in Power: EIP... staged to sow fear & control.
Let's count them:
1. 9/11 attack on the US Republic.
2. Boston Marathon Bombing event... staged.... resulted in a show of Martial Law....Boston shut down..."home to home" illegal searches, show of Military Domestic fire-power.
3. Massive Deportation campaign by current admin.
4. Massive Global Drone warfare attacks on civilian populations focused on the "stans" countries...

. More....to add?


Maybe there is hope for France yet, if so many are protesting this authoritarian rush. Why didn't Americans do the same after nine eleven? What is it about the French--are they more educated? Maybe, but I suspect education has little to do with the capacity to face cognitive dissonance. What is it that enables people to cut through their own denial, to face unpleasant, terrifying truths like the reality of false flag terrorism?


"And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."



Although the book I am about to mention is considered Hate Speech by some who advocate on behalf of gay rights, I read it without prejudice and found serious documentation of something I'd never seen in print before.

The book is entitled, "The Pink Swaztika" and it proves that the brownshirts were young men recruited into gay military societies. The distinction was that these all-male groups worshipped male power and saw as the highest form of society, the trained male soldier order.

I have been looking at the segue-ways between the type of pornography that denigrates/degrades and devalues women and the related use of violence against female avatars in the video games that so many adolescent boys "come of age" viewing.

There is also a military style approach to nature in seeking to turn the Great Mother's diverse communities into trained rows of uniform mono-crops. And then there is cloning.

Held in common by all of these practices is the goal of keeping females/women outside of whatever is going on.

When porn is about degrading the would-be BELOVED PARTNER, then LOVE is no longer possible. Sex is about power and feeling superior to the other--seen as object to deride.

When boys are taught to equate excitement with violence (those video games), and part of the violence is ritualized gang rape... again, the goal or outcome is that of NOT bonding with the female partner.

Cloning also leaves the female out of the Life Equation.

In my view, the acme of soldiering was seen in Sparta and in Nazism. Both exalted loyalty to violent men and identified with extremely violent practices.

Although women have been conditioned to patriarchy and its use of war for centuries, it is NOT a natural component of the female to use violence. Today, some women want to experience power and in order to do so, they adopt the practices of martial patriarchy.

I am well-aware of the various false flags used in other lands and just began reading Ole Dammegard's book on this subject. I recommend it to those who don't need the teat of Official Narratives as substitutes for hard truths ("You can't handle the truth!" Jack Nicholson-style hard truths). It's entitled: Coup d'Etat in Slow Motion. (He's a European author.)

I have said this before, but it belongs in this discussion. When I visited South America some years ago and attended workshops on shamanism, the shamans pointed to the extreme masculine emphasis (and related imbalance) seen in America and its reliance on militarism.

Having recently finished the stunning book on the malfeasance and covert activities of Allen Dulles (and these played such a significant role in the death of JFK and allotting Nazi-like pre-eminence to the military within U.S. society... and especially, its covert/Deep State), it's very clear to me that Project Paperclip planted the demon seed that's grown into a Cancer that is going about the world murdering all things just under the guise of "National Security." (This book is "The Devil's Chessboard," and I also would recommend "The Nazi Next Door.")

The core of this disassociation from Life, itself, goes back to the denial of The Divine Partner, the feminine counterpart which represents the capacity to feel what the other person feels, to know and live empathy, to love and to care for Earth and all sentient beings upon it.

Militarism MURDERS love. And it is LOVE that allows things to cohere.


Ole Dammegard calls it a template and that template IS followed in (premeditated/Inside Job) event after event. You might wish to check out his book.


Please help me to understand your position. It sounds to me like you are saying that the identities and the motives of the ones who have committed the 'precipitating' acts that allow draconian measures to be enacted ought to be the focus rather than the dictatorial reactions themselves. I think the focus ought to be squarely on these proposed outcomes and if there's time after these are stopped, then that can be an area of inquiry for those who are interested. Couldn't we operate from the position that it doesn't matter who did such acts or why and that those in power will do it themselves if no one else steps up so we can just get on with trying to stop them from their overreaching attempts at total control? I am sure I am missing something but maybe it's because it's almost 3 am here. Hope you can clarify.


France doesn't have a rabid, enormous Christian fundamentalist population. This demographic is pumped up by 700 club TV preachers like Pat Robertson (who I have gone on record saying is a likely CIA plant) who insist that Arabs are dangerous devil worshippers.

Do you remember that idiot general Boykin stating that "he knew his god was bigger than their god" or something along those juvenile lines? (He spoke about the war effort in Afghanistan).

Or how about an unapologetic, enthusiastic killer-for-hire like Eric Prince self-identifying as a Christian? As if Christ endorsed mass murder?

Then, too, (and I'd be happy to provide the link... Abby Martin covered this on her TV show) there is a very substantial Christian Chaplain presence inside the U.S. Air Force and it was recruited to essentially convince young drone pilots that dropping ordnance on civilians was not just their duty, but acceptable under "god's will."

So the primary difference is that "Bush's base," the vast Christian Fundamentalist movement really believes in holy war, and is taught NOT to question authority.

The second factor is the domestic military presence. Granted, there wasn't a gigantic Homeland Security apparatus prior to 911, but with 2.2 million incarcerated, and millions more on parole or probation; and with sheriffs, Coast Guard, police, FBI, CIA, DEA, and other law enforcement seen everywhere... a sense of "law enforcement" bearing down is a very real, albeit somewhat subliminal fact of life inside The Homeland.

Americans are not as interested, as a whole, in reading. And after 911, the entire mass media expunged ANY voices that so much as offered any critique of the impulse to strike back through massive martial means.

Cass Sunstein wrote a position paper (I've provided the link to it before and could dig it up, if so desired) that quickly coupled any question of the 911 Official Narrative with MENTAL ILLNESS. Remember how the old Soviet republic blackened the reputation of thinkers in a similar way, as did Hitler?

The hush was all over the land. Phil Donahue tossed off TV, as the playwright Bill C. Davis put it--"Generals, On Stage!" with every media outlet featuring the martial view of military men and no anti-war voices allowed near any major communications venue.

Paul Wellstone who cast the only major vote against the wars (along with Barbara Lee) died in an "accident" and the Dixie Chicks were blocked from radio for making a minor mention of their shame about Bush.

It was LOCKDOWN time. And to question the official narrative got one cast as an outcast or "conspiracy theorist" even though today there are thousands of engineers and scientists who contest the Big Lie.

You could also argue that thus far, the French have managed to keep Monsanto out of their delicious food... but inside the U.S., Monsanto's muscle is so great that it won't even label its diabolical products... no matter that a legion of the obese, of the Diabetics, of spreading Cancers and autism are no doubt at least partially related to that company's arrogant dismantling of DNA combinations that the Great Mother took eons to LOVINGLY put together.

The day that 911 happened, the I ching was 23--Splitting apart. And the image of the towers coming down looks just like the worst card (of 78) from the Tarot: The Tower Hit by Lightning.

Since then, things have unraveled... they ARE splitting apart and until Truth can begin to act as therapeutic agent... the killers in uniform will continue to unleash their deadly frenzy on people, places, and ecosystems.