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Thousands of Activists Stage Protests at Three German Coal Mines to Demand Bolder Climate Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/30/thousands-activists-stage-protests-three-german-coal-mines-demand-bolder-climate


We’ll shut down those coal mines and fracking wells just as soon as we get enough magical green energy capacity up and running so that nobody notices any problem.


government’s plan to phase out coal by 2038, which activists say isn’t soon enough.

True and we all know even if we accepted 2038 the greedy fossil fuel companies would move the goalposts to 2050 are MORE ! Dirty, rotten S.O. B.s will kill us all if we let them!


Interesting that the leading three stories on CD, at this moment, are with regard to events within Europe, although the second and third involve Trump and Amazon, respectively. Just a fluke?

Random thoughts while reading the article:

  • These protesters were almost begging to have the energy hookups to their own homes disconnected (if they haven’t already disconnected them themselves…)
  • I have to wonder how the East German Stasi would have responded to these protests, > 30 years ago… (Note that the East German Trabant automobile was very polluting)
  • I recall reading > 30 years ago about conditions in Romania, a bit further south and a warmer climate. Typical of that sort of socialism there were shortages of everything, including heat for homes in the winter. Typical indoor temperature in Bucharest during the winter was in the 50s ° F.

Yep, reporting for US/us can include Europe cause they’re like us!!!
Asia is only mentioned when there is trouble,and Australia and Africa not at all.

This is not at all good for climate change, which involves the whole earth. In RT.com today, that Russian site is giving a peek at the Russian/Canadian/Alaskan/Greenland/Antarctica issue. Namely that the northern land masses in the world are melting enough to make hitherto undressed of mining and development possible.
Please! CD and everyone! We are one world!

I think I meant hitherto unexplored areas

Your question (to my strange ear) plunges us into ontologically choppy waters. We’re so suffused with media and messaging, behavior-modification ad-targeted into such a stupor, it’s hard work just getting steadied on what it means for something to be something. The universe presents our consciousness with a zillion synaptic tickles, and from then on we’re mainly clueless about how to put it together into any coherent picture of reality. From my preference for a clean-slate approach to clearing away the crap, random media motions (like the “random thoughts” in another post here) seem insignificant.

A bit of context here:
1.Germany plans to close all its nuclear plants by 2022 (13% of Germany’s electrical output) https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/30/europe/germany-nuclear-waste-grm-intl/index.html
2.Renewable and coal sources each account for about 40% of Germany’s electrical energy output https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy_in_Germany

So in the short term (2022) it will be challenging for Germany to increase its renewable production to 50%-55% without nuclear energy. In comparison US green energy electrical output is about 20%.of total.

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In July of 1816—a volcano exploded----and-- the world had a year without summer- Lord Byron wrote a poem , called, "DARKNESS.
It’s a wonderful, but horrifying look at how the world ends. It must have seemed like that in 1816—but now that we have the awful man in Brazil blaming the bad air of the burning forests on an actor----it must almost seem like a new 1816 year.
It 's a thought provoking read— and it might inspire the Germans striking again coal mines—and hopefully inspire Americans to fight the imploding of our own natural resources. DARKNESS, really is a great poem!

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Could we go to conventional or terror wars over the climate crisis?

“Stop killing us with weather, or we will stop you with force.”


Eco-terrorism is certain to emerge very soon.

Thanks. In my rush to get ready for snow, I skipped reading that article. Interesting that Russia would have to call on outside investment.

Not just investment, not just alliance and dalliance, but maybe labor. India population is exploding, and Russia’s is shrinking at a time more land is accessible to them.

Yes. I had the thought that perhaps there wasn’t enough Russian labor.

Why is Russia’s population shrinking?

There is some good news from Detroit. Sports car lovers now have a chance to buy an iconic brand. The new, all electric, Mustang Mach E.
One small step for mankind.

Have you seen the way these Vodka maniacs drive in Russia? That could be a contributor.

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Educated women? Alcoholism among men putting workload on women? Unfair to guess, maybe.

There comes a point soon where the Muslims in Russia become the majority because their family size and birthrate is larger.

Surely you don’t expect the corporate media to call us “eco-defenders.”

Hayduke lives!

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