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Thousands of Hands Held Together by Love Span Bridge to Combat Hate in Charleston


Thousands of Hands Held Together by Love Span Bridge to Combat Hate in Charleston

Jon Queally, staff writer

As many as twenty thousand people came together on a bridge in Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday evening as they marched in the name of love and unity to combat the racist violence that took the lives of nine people last week in a historic black church.


Journey Bridge

Mom, may I walk the Journey Bridge?
Well, you CAN walk Journey Bridge,
but the question is, HOW will you walk Journey Bridge?
In the dark or in the Light?

Grandma, Journey Bridge looks so modern!
Well, it is, but remember
It has taken thousands and thousands
of years of human love, curiosity and work to build it.

Dad, will you walk Journey Bridge with me?
Well, for a while, but you’ll
Walk it with others some day when I’m gone.
But then I’ll walk with you in your heart.

Grandpa, is this the first time
You’ve walked Journey Bridge?
Oh, I’ve never stopped walking Journey Bridge
And so did your great, great grandparents
And their great, great grandparents before them

Journey Bridge soars over the waters, but its always right here. Its strength welcomes countless journeyers under the sun and moon in all seasons. At both ends, lives continue and care and grow. Eyes are widened in walking Journey Bridge and see a bit farther, a bit more clearly, a bit more inclusively and so, smiles are widened too. The widening extends deep inside widening creativity, challenges more readily embraced, shared and so the love of Journey Bridge grows.


Love is a beautiful thing!


This is beautiful. What now? Can this one-off burst of energy be harnessed to create actual change? I hope…