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Thousands of Iranians Take to Streets, Enraged By Trump's 'Insane' Breach of Nuclear Deal


Thousands of Iranians Take to Streets, Enraged By Trump's 'Insane' Breach of Nuclear Deal

Julia Conley, staff writer

Cities across Iran saw thousands of demonstrators pouring into the streets to express fury over President Donald Trump's violation and abandonment of the 2015 nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama administration, Iranian officials, and several other world powers.


It looks like the deep state and it’s MIC stooges like Trump and Bolton among other imbeciles and insane American leaders, will not be happy until they achieve their objective of Iranian, regime change, which could bring Russia into the equation with dire consequences. If we ever needed protection from domestic enemies…IT IS NOW!


Instant news, video phones and global opinion did not exist when the US Empire did their expansions to control the world’s oil following England’s example. The Wealthy Powerful White Man willing to do any crime like Trump’s Nazi Dad and Uncle are on film and evening news. Bolton and all the old men thinking they can use their “mini-nukes” on Iran bunkers to show off and maybe sell some more need to know radiation is monitored too. They are criminals now and will be forever.


Iranians know their history, including the US’s shameful part in it. But most USans couldn’t find Iran on a map, much less tell you who Mossadegh was or why he was overthrown. This deliberately inflicted ignorance—and the abundance of distractions—enables the 1% to prey at will, with barely a ripple of dissent among the bemused 99%.


I traveled Iran extensively when I was younger and met people of all walks of life. Even the less educated are informed. As a Westerner I was met with gracious hospitality even in dessert enclaves. Iran is not my enemy…


Nor mine—in fact, I have no foreign enemies, just a few domestic ones.


Not only is Trump breaking an important agreement but he emptying out the State Department of people with valuable experience. This all seems to be part of the America First policy that millions of Americans voted for. Trump wants a much better deal for the US and a much worse deal for Iran, in other words, America first. With the America first policy the fate of the Iranians is on no concern. It doesn’t matter what happens to them as long as America comes out first. The fears of the Iranian people are probably well warranted. Yes they are human beings but they are not Americans. Many Americans are backing Trump on this view of the world. This was not the policy of the US in the past. Despite many misdeeds the US has been concerned about people in other countries with regard to human rights, poverty, disease, relief from natural disasters, etc. This is a new policy and it reflects an ugly side of Americans that has always been there but has not had the opportunity to exert power at the international level before. In the 1950s it was manifested by calls to nuke the Chinese. Fortunately those calls were ignored and some measure of sanity prevailed.


To the people of Iran I say to you one word, and I mean this with all sincerity…Bunkers.

Lots and lots of Bunkers…dug deep.