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Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Agree With Woodward and the New York Times Op-ed Author: Trump Is Dangerous


Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Agree With Woodward and the New York Times Op-ed Author: Trump Is Dangerous

Bandy X. Lee

Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” describes a “nervous breakdown of Trump’s presidency.” Earlier this year, Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” offered a similar portrayal.


Because Pence with Jeebus on speed dial is so much better? The Four Horsemen are at the starting gate.


What next? Trump presiding over the UN Security Council in three weeks. And he plans to use the bully pulpit to pick on Iran. Heaven help us all. No, I take that back. Not heaven. Time for us to help us all. This is it folks. We all need to be at federal buildings insisting this entire charade should end now, before even more of us get hurt.


Pence doesn’t have a cult.


Unless you consider fundamentalist Christians a cult.


Does Donald Trump have Borderline Personality Disorder? Its more descriptive name is EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE PERSONALITY DISORDER according to the World Health Organization. Trump appears to meet 8 of the 9 criteria as I explain at trumpsbrain dot net and in my book “Faultfinders: The Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder."


Given that psychology is a pseudo-science at best, and none of these mental health professionals have actually examined Trump, I’d have to classify this as rubbish.

And for those who think its a science, remember, less than 30 years ago, homosexuality was classified as a mental disease.


Screw the evaluation. The only decision that needs to be made is where to get the XXXXXXL straight jacket needed to contain this monster.


It would be appreciated if the world leaders present at this event pushed back against hairtrump. Refreshing even, so why don’t we send each of the a copy of the books mentioned in this article to help them make the decision.


Unfortunately, mental health professionals are only blamed after the fact and never listened to before decisions are made. It is a shame how disrespected the profession is, because as imperfect as our knowledge is, we do have some valuable knowledge that we would be better off heeding .


Sure, trump is a retarded sociopath with an army at his disposal, we all know this.
Do you know whats much more dangerous? Obsessing about Trump while the rest of “his” government systematically dismantles every regulation and protection enacted in the past 300 years.


Mental Health Professional is not a thing. It’s not a science. And certainly not something someone does to another person without first consulting with that person.

There is a Donald Trump selling lies and junk on every corner of this planet.

People concerned about mental health ought to consider why we ignore the obvious collapse of our habitat while having more kids and going shopping.

See the Atlantic Ocean today for details.



While REgressives are running around with their hair on fire because…Trump, the rest of us sane Americans are enjoying a booming economy, rising wages, a cooperating N & S Korea, lower tax rates and most importantly, the exposure of the Deep State and it’s collusion with the left dominated media to undermine first the candidacy of Donald Trump and then to force the removal of the duly elected President.

I’ve asked REgressives repeatedly, how are you going to feel when the massive powers of Federal bureaucracies like the DOJ, FBI, ATF, IRS, OSHA, CIA…are turned on your pols? When these agencies are cleaned of the REgressives now running them and we get a real to life fascist directing them to undermine your efforts?

Did you see Mueller’s latest Epic Fail? 10s of millions spent by radical leftist lawyers looking for ANYTHING, ANYWAY they can get the President and Papadopolus got 14!!! days. FOR A PROCESS CRIME???

What a joke. Over a year and a half and that’s it? Where are the dots between reality and President Trump is “dangerous”??

Woodward’s book with it anonymous sources? Or the false quotes that have been shown to be fantasies?

Or the laugher Op-Ed piece in the NYT? The dude even admits we’re safer and more prosperous. What’s his beef? Oh yeah, President Trump only left a dollar under Baron’s pillow for his tooth. Give me a break.

Now REgressives are demanding that Federal buildings be occupied to forestall Kavenaugh’s sitting on the SC. Ain’t gonna happen folks. Those hearings were just more fuel to get out the conservative vote in the midterms.

Great job Spartacus!!!


Anyone with an IQ of 65 can tell Trump is dangerous.

Tell them it’s so MMinAmnesia.


“We’re mental health professionals and we know.” Unfortunately, that’s not what the mental health research shows. There is no special expertise in predicting dangerousness and pretending that there is such expertise is what’s dangerous.

Shame on you.


OTOH anyone with an IQ over 100 needs more then lunatic ravings.

But thanks for playing.


Playing I was.


One does not need a medical degree to observe Trump is mentally and emotionally unstable. To say otherwise is ludicrous.
I prefer to let him go until the 2020 election so his full incapacity is continually on display and any chance for Pence or any other Republican to acquire the presidency is thwarted.
I read a piece recently that talked with Pentagon high ups who said the president will not be able to launch nuclear weapons or conventional all out war war as there is a set of rules about observable potential mental and emotional incapacity that would make any order he gives illegal and thus willl not be followed by the Pentagon. I do believe some level sanity will prevail there for the most part.
My constant concern are the people who cannot see what this grifting conman is about. This includes my less than educated but for decades generally very kind and thoughtful in laws, my highly educated brother and sister in law who are only concerned about their keeping their money and my small business owning very well off college grad nephew who all think Trump walks on water and will brook no even mild critique.
If spouse and I cannot persuade these people through personal concerns( our college grad son whom they adore, cannot find a full time job with health benefits and he has serious kidney problems. He is on the Medicaid expansion) and thoughtful arguments they are deluded… how can we hope these Trump worshippers around the country ever stop believing in their cult leader?
FYI … We personally gave up on my in laws when they both shrugged their shoulders about our son’s healthcare situation. They had major health issues recently and could not make heads or tails of their billing issues with Medicare and their supplemental and we shrugged our shoulders and told them bluntly that I’d pf they weren’t concerned about our son’s issues we were not concerned with theirs.
Spouse’s sister finally came up from Florida to help them until we told her what they said about our son. She read them the riot act and went home!

However they still love love love Trump. At risk of destroying and alienating their before Trump very close family.

How does this man destroy the minds of once loving caring wonderful people?? HOW??? I LOATHEhim with every fiber of my being.
Sorry for getting off topic and ranting…


So is this tier of “lesser morons” who are doing what in the White House . . .
trying to keep the Trump “White Supremacist” administration from going down
while also hoping to keep Trump from blowing up the world?

This is also dangerous – very dangerous.


I am married to a forensic psychiatrist. Trump is not guilty by reason of insanity NGRI. Involuntary commitment to a mental hospital is the standard of care when patients are a danger to themselves or others. Narcissistic personality disorders rarely commit suicide. Trump is a danger to others and should be committed to protect the innocent. Mental illness is not a crime.