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Thousands Protest in Japan as Abe Government Ushers in Era of Militarism



One can understand that Japan is being pushed by North Korea into taking this position but that is always the way with alliances and arms build ups that talk of safeguarding peace but in the end lead up to war.


And North Korea is pushed by South Korea who is pushed by guess who?


No not this time thanks. Life never follows a formula for long. Sooner or later reality takes a turn that invalidates any formulaic analysis. North Korea is an atypical threat and a wild card in the classic sense. For example... Post the Korean War (which was 60 years ago)... Try to state some incidents or events that support your view? Try to show where the aggression by North Korea was in response to outside forces. North Korea has been making threats without ceasing for decades. Now that it is nuclear .. Or purports to be... There is serious trouble ahead. A small actor may evoke a series of responses between big actors which is the freaking problem now isn't it?


The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun. R. Buckminster Fuller

Those who play with the devil's toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword. R. Buckminster Fuller

“To expose a 4.2 trillion dollar ripoff of the American people by the stockholders of the 1000 largest corporations over the last one-hundred years will be a tall order of business.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

“You have to decide whether you want to make money or make sense, because the two are mutually exclusive.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Either war is obsolete or men are.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons. (Buckminster Fuller)

It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting our high technology from Weaponry to Livingry. (Buckminster Fuller)


Are you telling this to North Korea? Are they laughing ? You ignore their aggression and place the burden on the Japanese and I presume America. However both countries have supplied food aid to starving North Koreans and that you skip over.

We are not the aggressor here and it behooves progressives and others to criticize all actors and not just the west all the time and every time.

It is here that trouble is truly brewing and not that phony posturing between the USA and Putin. Blah blah blah on that and then they share champagne cocktails at the peace talks till the next ones.

It is here that real danger is hovering like a vulture. This part of the world is not structured or controlled by the big players... That is seriously risky ... Read history... North Korea is the loose cannon.


Excuse me but the USA wiped out 1/4 of the North oKorean population in the Korean war and General Lemay boasted bombed that every building of value in the entire country was rubble.

The loose cannon was the USA.

I would also point out that Japan had invaded Korea and stripped it of its wealth. When the second world war ended the US flew in a candidate to run the zone they occupied who had been a collbarater with the Japanese. He then started to slaughter anyone deemed a leftist.


Yes well and the Roman Empire was very rude to the Gauls. You can cite history all day... I am willing and would enjoy the exercise but it is a trap. There comes a time when history's direct influence on current events is illusory or at best an emotional response by the descendants of those who were participants. Cherry picking history is also a delusion in that by picking what you want from history as a justification for events that leaves you with Japan and America as being on opposite sides and not as allies now wouldn't it? History is the past but many people try to cite history as if it were relevant to the modern day. Emotionally it may be for some but in reality history is no way to approach the present and most certainly no way to predict the future either.


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Hey, that is not in the real world. That is only in the propaganda that we are fed. Sadly, if CD posters swallow the official dogma, then most people will also.

What a shame that the propaganda we are fed wont do that for us, and you have to ask it of CD posters.

You say the N Korea threatens others. Of course it is the other way around, and unlike N Korean saber rattling, which is not a threat to any country, the threats to N Korea are existential. The Korean war has never ended. Quite literally and officially there is only a cease fire agreement in place. The Korean war is ongoing.

N Korea, like Cuba has been subjected to debilitating sanctions and ongoing threats ever since. The country has never been able to organise themselves around a peaceful economy because they have been kept on a war footing ever since. Their merchant ships are regularly board by the US military and even by Australia's military acting as the USA's "deputy sheriff". The USA never ceases its military operations in North Korea's waters, and never stops the demonisation, i.e. the media propaganda build up required in order to justify an invasion. The military operations that are still rehearsed in S Korea are ones where they invade and overthrow the government of N Korea.

USA regime change, only in the last 15 years has been applied to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya. Look at those countries before and after. Some of them had free housing, education and medical as does North Korea. Look at the rubble and the reduction of life from civilisation to barbarism in those countries now. That is what N Korea is facing.

If N Korea did not develop its WMD, then it would be wiped out. North Korea does not have the resources to defend itself against a direct invasion, and its paranoia is not an imagined thing. It real.

Of course, we here on CD are not being a threat to anyone. But the US empire is.

Yeah, yeah.


I am surprised but I notice you claim incidents but do not cite references. You lastly address WMD development but characterize it as defensive ignoring the relaxation of relations supported by So Korea a few years ago which was initially supported by NK but then retracted. NK appears to initiate incidents and fires missiles long range milssiles and explodes nuclear bombs yet to you that seems fine? When NK needed food desperately they got it but you never mention that. They have been implicated in purchasing nuclear material and seeking to purchase advanced weaponry as well.

I remember even China laying down the law on NK because they were pushing things too far with Japan and SK. You say wiped out? By whom? That is absurd and the type of weird stuff that scares people about a voluntarily isolated rogue state. What does that comment about free housing mean? Are you suggesting that countries were attacked because they had free housing (which they didn't btw)? Okay this is bizarre enough for me.

Damn! This has been a hell of a day...lol. Freak day!


You know by whom. Ask it of the Iraqis, or the Libyans or very nearly the Syrians or the Haitians.

In each case they were wiped out for any number of reasons. But in the case of Iraq and Libya, yes, definitely one of the reasons is because they were spending their oil money on things that benefited their citizens and US oil corporations were not getting it.


Well you have the right to your opinion but if you can't explain it any better than to just say it is so then I guess we are done. To say something is one thing but to be able to prove what you say is something else. Proving something makes it a verifiable fact but simply just saying something makes it only an opinion. For an example if you could show that money due to the corporations by contract wasn't be paid that is proving the part about them not getting the oil money but if they were getting all that they were supposed to under contract then that would mean that in your opinion they wanted oil money they weren't entitled to and arranged to wipe out counties because the money was being used to provide free housing? That sounds inane but nevertheless, if you had proof then we can pursue this further I suppose but without proof then, of course, you are entitled to your opinion but I don't don't happen to share it.



I have a particular interest in USA, Japan and Korea involvement from start to the present. I will appreciate any sources of information you can provide. Of special note; I am curious as to who this person is: "... US flew in a candidate to run the zone they occupied who had been a collbarater with the Japanese. He then started to slaughter anyone deemed a leftist."

Thank you, Don


Thank you. I get a lot of grief from people probably because I post a lot and I am most certainly opinionated but sometimes I just have to wonder at what people's problems are with something I wrote. We are immersed in the dumbing down commercialization of news and I hate it which is why I like CD and this forum where I learn about stuff that I'd otherwise miss and talk about it with other progressive news junkies.

But reading back to my original post in this thread, I am mystified as to what they are thinking and how people see things since it was only a general observation at how alliances and arms build ups can lead eventually to wars. NK is very threatening to the Japanese and of course to SK and NK's recent explosion of a purported nuclear device isn't something that will relax tensions in the neighborhood. I thought the connection was obvious and added only that throughout history such moves are like steps in a terrible inexorable dance that leads up to and often is a prelude to war.

So thanks for liking my comment because this one is worrisome to me not because Japan is rearming in general but because Japan is rearming specifically (at least it looks that way to my eyes). I keep thinking of that step by step of alliances and arms build ups that you always knew would be on the history test because they were the steps that had led to wars.


The idea of this forum is to engage in reasoned thought and intelligent discussion and debate. It is to be assumed that in a public forum where far too many people rant and vent with abandon offering only their emotional reactions to the news and issues that a few of us prefer to delve deeper and debate/discuss the specifics and nuances of a particular subject. That requires more than gut reactions because debate (opposition) needs a preponderance of contending facts as does discussion (even if in agreement).

People do vent
They can rail and rant
About all they lament
Ne'er say any can't.

Others do ponder
They read and are read
About issues they wonder
Through words carefully said.


Yeah okay. You say things like this was in a dorm room debate. You talk about emotional intelligence and stuff which is non specific and a generalization at best but you give no examples thus forcing the assumption that you are correct. Exactly what do you even mean by

My interventions?

Even if there is a different language problem I still can't figure out what you might mean considering my sentence?

Are you suggesting that this forum is not for 'reasoned thought etc.? Okay whatever but try reading my original post at the top of this thread and you try to figure out where all this stuff that followed came from because I can't.

Thanks. How'dya like my poem? Lol


Tag team backup. It never fails when the Soldier Boys MAN the threads.


Seriously? Wereflea is a soldier boy with a trained recruit's "understanding" of the world.


I am heartened by the amount of protest in Japan against militarization and nuclear expansion. I hope it will continue, and expand.