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Thousands Rally for Chicago Teachers as Banks Vs. Schools Battle Rages



Yet another glaring example of society being thrown on the rubbish-heap by banksters and other financial pirates that put their greed, profits, and self-interest ahead of our nation and people! Witness the odious despicable actions of the smirking Martin Shkreli before Congress - a poster-boy for unprincipled greed! The worship of Mammon in and out of government has reached such obscene destructive proportions it threatens all America supposedly stands-for and all our peoples sustainable future!


I would LOVE to see a national teachers' strike.


Ram Emmanuel is our public enemy number one, he is Al Capone re-incarnate, a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Ram causes his "opponents" an agonizingly slow death by taking away their jobs, pensions and livelihoods.This man ought to be arrested and charged for corruption and crimes against humanity.


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Go Chicago teachers!
Any smack-back that can hurt B of A is just fine by me.
Why bank at a predatory bank in the first place when a credit union is so much better.