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Thousands Reach Austria as Refugee Crisis Issues 'Wake-up Call'


Thousands Reach Austria as Refugee Crisis Issues 'Wake-up Call'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Thousands of refugees were welcomed into Austria on Saturday after epic journeys from Hungary that many were forced to take on foot.

As USA Today reports,


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Another wonderful side effect from the neo-con warfare state of America it just keeps on killing.


We had it coming. Good synopsis.



Good article that and important to remember that BEFORE the USA decided it need to topple Asaad and created ISIS to do so, Syria had millions of refugees from Iraq, another country the USA decided to invade.

The worlds self described òne indispensible nation`is its most cancerous and most destructive and the greatest pyrveyor of violence on this globe. As it was since it became a world power repalcing the British Empire.


Yes, and to realize that there was an internal refugee crisis in Syria due to drought, which in turn was the result of climate change:



How many bombs does it take to make a refugee? Or how much have we spent on our military to make a refugee? Do they teach that at West Point?


I hope they don't come to regret going to Germany:


And yet when you listen to our TV people one would think that America had nothing, zero to do with all of it. It is all Europe's problem.


And yet the American Empire with the British puppy dog are taking the least amount of refugees.


The tens of millions in the streets told Bush and Poodle not to open pandora's box in the Middle East but they were ignored no profit in peace for the merchants of death.


It's bigger than just a US/Saudi/Israeli instigated war. Think of what it's going to be like when many millions of Bengals head for India. These will be the result of a climate warming - overpopulation mix. Hold on to your hats.


Who opened Pandora's box and was warned of the fall out that we have .