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Thousands Sign Petition to Change Hurricane Irma's Name to Ivanka


Thousands Sign Petition to Change Hurricane Irma's Name to Ivanka

Lorraine Chow

A Care2 petition that surfaced online Wednesday demanding the World Meteorological Association change the name of Hurricane Irma to Hurricane Ivanka is more than halfway towards its 10,000-signature goal.


Ah yes, the trump version of exceptionalism doubles down on the intensifying alienation of anything that might give the faintest whiff of legitimacy to interests that are not of the Trump cabal. Not that this is new - I make no such claim - but the millions of people impacted by Harvey and Ivanka/Irma to come have far too much in common with everyday americans and indigenous native americans WHO, IT MUST BE NOTED, are on the long list of ongoing processes of CRIMINALIZATION with connections into the Justice Department.

Please take note that native americans, children of the undocumented, hispanics, blacks and the poor have been subjected to an intensification of criminal code - often by forms of fiat. Perhaps why the ham fisted Arpaio is made such a tool. The question of who benefits must be held in tandem with very close look into the agencies of government that are used to eviscerate any mechanism of justice, increasingly applied in cases of [falsely projected] guilt by association (imagined most frequently by agents of the agencies). Now take a good hard look at the activities of Jeff Sessions.

The Christian evangelical notion of “original sin” is being conflated with a narcissistic preordained corporatism. The latter being demonstrably predatory with a predator in chief at the moment.


Sorry, but it’s a bit too late for this push. It will backfire on the Left because it seems spiteful. Come on, People, we can do better than this. If we want to make a real change we need a long vision and the determination to be in it for the long game. The Hard Right started laying their foundation 40 years ago! The Progressive Left hasn’t even made a dent in the DNC-Corporatists yet!


Was thinking about this yesterday, but along different lines. I agree with skeezyks; it seems spiteful and poorly aimed.

My suggestions would have been: for Harvey - Hurricane Scientific Conspiracy; for Irma - Hurricane Chinese Hoax. More to the point and pointed more directly at the loudest mouthpiece of denialism.


The petition to change the name of hurricane Irma to Ivanka should be pulled down immediately. Anyone who supports it or promotes it needs to take a long look in the mirror. Think it is humorous? Ask the people of Barbuda if it is funny. Using a deadly natural disaster to take a cheap, useless political jab is abhorrent and an insult to the human beings who have already died, others who will die and the many who have lost and will lose their homes. It is an insult to us all. The company should be ashamed for posting it and anyone who signs it proves only their complete lack of perspective, humanity and empathy. There are constructive and meaningful ways to combat climate change and fight back against climate change deniers. This isn’t one of those ways.


I agree this hurricane is serious and not funny. Climate change isn’t either, and we need to do anything and everything to raise awareness. I can’t think of a better name for it.


Insulting the dead is raising awareness?


How is it insulting the dead? That’s a far stretch from the truth. If anything, it’s letting the Trumps know that their ignorance and inaction on climate change does not and will not go unnoticed. By the way, you can’t insult someone who’s dead already.


This is a good place to totally put this off-topic comment as any - but when the hell is Common dreams going to pay attention to the atrocities in Myanmar - particularly being as it involves that great Nobel-peace-prize winning hero (with fading graffiti art of her in every hipster-gentrifying part of town) of the left Au Sang Suu Kyi???

Does the US-left only consider something an atrocity when the USA is doing it? Considering the left’s treatment of people like Assad, Putin, and to only a little less of an extent Duterte and Erdogan and Al Sisi, this sure seems to be the case…


Thanks. I needed that giggle!


These people need to get a life.