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'Threadbare' US System Denounced as Study Shows 12 Million Lost Employer-Tied Healthcare During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/threadbare-us-system-denounced-study-shows-12-million-lost-employer-tied-healthcare

12 million lost insurance and tens of millions more never had it and the POS Dinocrat candidate and the Dinocrat ‘leadership’ what to keep STATUS QUO?

tell me again why I own these people my support


I think aII Americans would Iike to get something for their tax doIIars—besides war.
HeaIth Care IS What EVERY WORKER NEEDS. FREE HeaIth care shouId be one of the benefits of being an American. Besides — in order to cover everyone, more jobs would have to be created. Heath care offers aII kinds of support jobs that do not need medical degrees. So, along with cutting foreign aid. and cutting the miitary waste, America would be a much heathier and happier nation. The added plus is that peopIe not have to stay in jobs soIeIy becasue they have reaIIy good heath care.

~ You picked a fine to leave me (with no healthcare), Lucille. ~
~ With a pandemic raging and crops left to rot in the fields! ~

(my apologies to Kenny Rogers)