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Threat of Devastating Hurricane Laura Highlights a GOP With 'Absolutely No Plan to Deal With the Climate Crisis'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/threat-devastating-hurricane-laura-highlights-gop-absolutely-no-plan-deal-climate

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“No plans to deal with CLIMATE crisis” ?

The only plans the GOP has EVER HAD to deal with ANY CRISIS is to maximize exploitation of each crisis to accelerate wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%.


I suppose the inevitable question must be asked–because of inaction of political leaders for over 50 years–is, are we doomed? Are we just to sit back and let the end come without a fight? Because that’s what we have, a doomed outlook for any future beyond about 50-100 years tops. Are their possessions and bank accounts going to be worth anything after the end of the world? That’s what were facing. Some say in 10 years, some say 100. I myself think it’s way too late to save industrial civilization, it will collapse. What the question becomes is: are there to be human survivors at all. I may have a bleak but realistic outlook. Maybe some science classes in the leader’s backgrounds may have helped but I doubt it because power, had by tons of money, corrupts absolutely. It also short circuits the frontal lobes where thought takes place. Sorry
p.s. I’ve seen little movement from the democrats over the same 50+ years. They talk but do very little in concrete terms.


Which will be worth nothing after the end of the world, for humans, that is.

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Trump’s response to the storm shouldn’t be about climate change. Instead, it should be a compassionate response to the suffering of those about to experience a cat 4 hurricane–the loss of their homes, their businesses, the lives of those they love. A compassionate president would stop his speechifying from the White House and get ready to visit Louisiana and Texas, assuring people that the full power of the US government will work to restore stability and health to the region. Trump won’t do that, of course, because he is incapable of compassion.


Do either of the major parties have a set of policies and are either open to changes that match the scale of the crisis? Rhetorical question. There is a difference between Biden and Trump on the issue, but lets keep in mind that the DNC just days ago couldn’t even get rid of fossil fuel subsidies in their platform, which by itself is just words on a speech. Biden has signaled his commitment to austerity, anyone with a brain could see that coming, which means that large scale public spending and public ownership of parts of the infrastructure is off the table. So, what in actuality will we be left with? A return to the Paris Climate Accord, which is dick.

But, there is no doubt that the Republicans in power seem perfectly happy to see the world, literally, burn.


Why visit? Technology being what it is today, no politician needs to visit and get in the way and speak syrupy fake words to the politicians and residents of the area and give them false hope. Visits are merely photo-ops for more attention to useless politicians who spew lies and pretend to care. Most politicians couldn’t care less because their lives are not affected. The same thing other past residents of the White House have done. (Katrina.)


This is such bullshit, the Democrats are no less in the pockets of fossil fuel. Obama covered up and enabled further environmental damage in the hiding of the Horizon spill. He even seconded the United States Coast Guard to a foreign company to help contain consumer outrage. Then he opened up more offshore drilling, and stood by as corporate thugs attacked landowners resisting the abuse of their land for tar sand oil. This is the Democrats following Turd Blossom’s suggestion to attack the opponent on their own weaknesses. With Biden and Harris as the ticket, they’ll find it hard to find some outrage unique to Trump.


Spot on. Both parties seem to recognize that the earth is indeed warming up. And both seem to have a plan. The GOP plan is, sure the earth is warming up, but there’s nothing they are willing to do about it. The democrats know it’s warming up as well, but are so beholden to big oil, and of course the “all of the above” energy policy, that they impotent to act.
Both of those policy tracks lead to the same end. It’s sad, but predictable. Addressing global warming will require that we address malignant capitalism. And I know for a fact, neither American political party is going to address that problem anytime soon.


Peter Kalmus (climate scientist)
@ ClimateHuman
At this point, fuck anyone who declares journalists or scientists “too alarmist”
Media, please make the connection between all these disasters and climate change RIDICULOUSLY CLEAR so society develops the will to actually FUCKING DO SOMETHING. thanks


And to privatize everything they can get their hands on.


[quote=“manysummits, post:50, topic:81364”]
Tomorrow there will be things worse than nuclear power and the Nazi Holocaust, unless we can correct the bankruptcy of the average person (ourselves of course) with respect to being a de facto slave, a moral cripple, both being the essence of the so-called “good German” complex."
[/quote] (John W. Gofman - American)

~p. 132, IRREVY


No plan my ass! They’re giddy, they are living the Dreeeeam! Couldn’t have worked out better for them, like payday and xmas and gettin laid rolled together. They got paid oh so well bringing this party on and now the effortless spinoffs keep opening opportunities to capitalize on cascading miseries. They used to have to pay people to work this hard to bust things up enough to leverage a decent windfall but now the wind provides the windfall for free! Let the fire evict those squatters on land banks deserve. And my Gawd the feeling of Rich Righteonuosness watching the wretched poor get what they deserve, if you cant get your family out of harms way on your Gulfstream jet then you only have your lazy socialist ass to blame, get a Fortune 500 job losers! This close to prying open the Gates of Hell and corner the market on demon vaccine, oh, damn. O=
my 2 cents


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but media has been captured by the forces of end stage capitalism for a quarter century. They are facilitators of our demise.


Yep: overthrow Ukraine, coupe Bolivia, arm Daesh, murder Gaza. “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste!” Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine is their COOK BOOK on how to serve man.


(DNC parachutes in Schumer & Warren to stomp down a candidate willing to speak the truth we’re ALL seeing, now) It’s not just DNC killing any Green New Deal (Medicare For All, Black Lives Matter, Income Disparity) If you so much as MENTION remotely Democratic sounding issues, you’re a Rooski BOT “for Trump” and must be SEO’d down Google’s memory hole (and that’s if you’re affluent, male & White?)

RNC’s platform remains, “Fuck you, PAY me!”

Democrats seem to be, “Wait, it’s MY turn, now?”


The Republicans didn’t change their platform from 2016. Their platform in 2016 was to have all the Republicans in the room chant “Drill Baby Drill!”

Folks, I’m a prolific solar inventor, as many longtime forum posters know. I need to pull together a tiny team of at least two people to enter the Helsinki Energy Challenge. They’re offering a one million euro prize, maybe $1.2 million US. Our first submission deadline is September 30.

7% of Helsinki’s buildings have their own furnaces. I have two solar heat prototypes that can be applied to the job. The West Greenwich off-grid solar greenhouse has been growing plants just fine for two winters now. The Warwick prototype is expected to combine a rock bed with a heat pump, so that the rock bed can never have a toxic mold problem. A heat pump combined with a rock bed should save about 2/3 of the electricity that an air heat pump alone would burn. The same system could inexpensively trim the top 50% of all the rest of Helsinki’s heating needs.

The other 93% of Helsinki’s heat is currently from central coal and natural gas plants, with the heat going through steam pipes and 80 degree Celsius hot water heating pipes to individual buildings. For this I recommend seasonal geothermal heat storage on an enormous scale, probably by insulating an area of ground 1 kilometer in radius, probably north of Helsinki’s airport. Summer solar heat is saved and then it heats buildings in winter. We’ll need about 15 km of one meter wide pipes to bring the heat in toward downtown.

I’ve looked over the competition so far. I have the inside track to the prize by a vast margin.

I need to pick up an engineering partner. From what I know of your writings, some of you can fit the bill. It beats griping about the hurricane, which isn’t going to deter the hurricane or climate change one bit.

Real work at least gives you a chance at making money. Real work also does something real for everybody, and real work feels decent. This job is pretty real. Want to feel pretty real?

I’m available at info (at) klinkmansolar dot com. I zoom too.

I don’t mind chanting “Drill Baby Drill” as long as it refers to hot water boreholes going in a U-shape around the periphery of the geothermal storage unit.

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We must end current Democrat Leadership, and I’m willing to vote Trump to do it. He, sadly, and alarmingly, is this years lesser evil. I’'m not happy about it, and I’d prefer to vote Jesse/Tulsi if I get the opportunity.

But if the best I can do this year is repudiate Pelosi/Biden/Schumer for their careers in service to the tiny moneyed minority against the interests of ordinary American citizens, so be it.

The GOP always has a plan, but they wast no time planning for others. We should never believe or allow ourselves to be led to believe that they are stupid or that they are reckless. The GOP pretty much always get exactly what they want, it is their public, the voters, who are stupid.

Damn, you just wrote my fantasy dream ticket of Jesse/Tulsi. Imagine, two intelligent, experienced, well spoken politicians with honorable military service on their resume. They would draw independent thinkers from both the right and left. They would demolish Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris in a debate, and win in a landslide (if votes were accurately counted).

“hate how powerless it feels to fight the climate crisis every day & then watch it unfold right in front of you.”

Pretty much. The sad part is, you’re going to have to get used to that reality because the die has already been cast.

The most you can do this late in the game is try to remove from positions of power those who would rather profit off of this ecocide, rather than do their best to mitigate its effects. And you remove them by any means necessary.

Better (metaphorically) “blind” than literally uninhabitable