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Threat of 'Inevitable' War Looms Between US and China Over Pacific Island Row


Threat of 'Inevitable' War Looms Between US and China Over Pacific Island Row

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Tensions between China and United States continue to rise over the South China Sea as a Chinese government newspaper warns that war may be 'inevitable' if the U.S. and its allies do not back off from the heavily disputed territory.

Last week, the Chinese government condemned the actions of the U.S. military after the P8-A Poseidon, the US' most advanced surveillance aircraft, was caught spying on Chinese naval activities in the Fiery Cross Reef.


I wonder how the military brass assesses the likelihood of prevailing when fighting on multiple fronts–and confronting a nation state the size of China. Sometimes our positions seem worse than idiotic, they are flat out suicidal.


What would happen to the US economy if we could no longer import all of our low-cost trinkets from China that we buy at Walmart due to this impending war?

Someday, the world’s history books will compare the Native Americans sale of Manhattan for trinkets to US population sale of the US to China for the trinkets we currently buy.

Just to be on the safe side, I am going to corner the market on garden gnomes so when the war cuts off our supply of this vital commodity, I can really clean up…


I suspect the Chinese see Opillock as an appeaser who will talk big and then give in, letting them muscle their way into control of the entire area at no cost other than the threats. And I’d bet money that they’re right.


No need to wonder, this is where the phrase “cuz, Merka” kicks in.


Very easy to assess. We send a battalion of our crack Sunni/Shia soldiers and the Chinese will beat a hasty retreat.


" Threat of ‘Inevitable’ War Looms Between US and China Over Pacific Island Row"’

This is such an obnoxious LEAD … all anyone talks about is WAR …like its a solution to anything … everything. So when does this war begin … get in line!

This dumbness WAR flue has circled the globe … more dangerous than Ebola …lead by the dumbest.


Odds of such confrontation is virtually nill, the USInc will never let things get to that point. The US will blink and back off quietly, China holds all the cards.


Or the Beijing politburo could stop buying Treasury bonds and send the US economy into a tailspin. Before taking that drastic step, though, they may want to ask Newt Gingrich, Howard Dean and other new employees of their private law firm to take Obama to court. If that fails, there’s always the option of using Citizens United rules to simply buy up Congress. No need for war, thank God.


Tricky Dick is cackling in his grave because on China, he got it right. The U S and China are strange bedmates who both prefer saber-rattling to diplomacy or peaceful problem-solving. These nations’ mutual hubris and insatiable appetites for world hegemony have poisoned their minds and corrupted their souls. Wars of attrition wherein the end results are monumental loss of lives and environmental/planetary destruction are INSANE. They will come toe-to-toe, bristle, and then back down…hopefully…like bullies do.


Sensationalist claptrap. They quote some PRC source (the PRC is known for exaggerated, bellicose statements) and state this as a fact in the headline “Threat of ‘Inevitable’ War Looms…”
Please, folks, let’s not bite on this bait. It’s as bad as the Obama-is-a-closet-Muslim nonsense.
A pathetic excuse for journalism.


This dumb article with its inflammatory headline has nothing to do with any “military brass” nor with “our positions” whatever those may be.


Especially seeing Russia and China are closer then ever and have a mutual defense plan at hand.


Apparently your not aware of the increase tensions between the US and China. Or the US and Nato’s aggressive moves in Eastern Europe against Russia. Maybe you need listen to Noam Chomsky or Stephen Cohen. Because they’re also concerned about the direction the world is heading along with the increased threat of nuclear war.


China has been destroying the endangered species of the West Philippine Sea, as I have been reporting to you for many years now, since I live here not 70 miles where this is happening. The dishonest troll who went by “John Treada” and other names wrongly claimed China was some sort of Utopian paradise and victim of US aggression, which is not true by any stretch of the imagination. He used to pontificate on what a wonderful bunch the Chinese were, when it was clear to me that he had never even been over there. Anyone who has worked or lived in China knows differently. It is a brutal totalitarian slave state (except for the Semi-Autonomous Region of Hong Kong) with no EPA and no concern at all for the rights of any individual except the very-rich and Red Party members.

I think you can see from the photo just how destructive the Chinese are (those were pristine reefs a year ago with the endangered sea turtle and giant sea clam, among others.) What you can’t see from that photo are the dozens of islands destroyed in the Philippines from Chinese mining operations. I am daily surrounded by massive Chinese mining trucks which have virtually destroyed Masiloc in Zambales, and probably encouraged the Chinese government to steal Scarboughal Shoal from the Filipinos. Native Filipinos here can no longer fish in their native grounds and are starving. The beaches here are littered with Filipino bonka boats since their fishermen are afraid of Chinese gun boats that fire on them in their own waters. This is not some armchair report of a moron telling you what a disneyland China is. It is what I see with my own eyes. Without the US Navy here, These 7,102 islands are in major peril from the aggressive Chinese who point machine guns daily at the occupied citizens in Tibet and Mongolia.

Who really is China, anyway? I’m not sure, but I suspect it is a wholly owned arm of Wall Street Banks. The butcher, Chairman Mao was a Yale man, I just found out recently (who killed 40 million people), and OSS (which became CIA) trained him and his guerrillas to control China before he turned on us and we had to support Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. Chaing Kai-shek got his azz clobbered and had to retreat to Taiwan where his countrymen languished in a Fake Democracy which was still under scary martial law when I first flew there in the 80’s. Mao attended “Yale in China” which was funded by the Rockefellers in the 1920’s and 30’s who took over the country to provide a strangle-hold for their monopoly Standard Oil.

So, if I had to venture a guess, China is really the Seven Sisters and Wall Street Banks, owned in great part by the Rockefeller Oil Dynasty. They want a world war to drive up sinking oil sales, is my guess.

Anyone have any other info?



This Capitalist running dog plan of cornering the garden gnomes may explain the Terracotta Fifth Columnist Army gradually appearing in our town…


We’re not that stupid, I don’t think. This is just a sensationalist headline.



I think it’s already started to happen. The wheels are coming off China’s fake economy. Our middle class in the USA is gone, as evidenced by all the closed Wall Marts and strip malls and auto dealerships, and to supplant that production, China shifted the last eight years into a real estate boom of hundreds of thousands of condos (which sit empty and unfinished all across China.) They’ve been lying for years about a seven percent growth, just like we did in the US with our fake growth numbers when we were really in another Great Depression. Now, with slave wages, nobody in China can afford that housing, and Steel Barons have reported all Steel production in China has collapsed and the building cranes have frozen in position.

Can you deep fry plastic garden gnomes? Famine is on the horizon. I call dibs on the name McGnome’s!

You’re going to be a rich man, bystander!


What a pathological species we are. Like a bunch of children fighting over toys in a sandbox…except that we will annihilate not only ourselves, but the rest of the miraculous and beautiful species that have evolved on this planet. Too bad humans haven’t been able to evolve beyond massive stupidity.


Isolationist China is hardly a country that could be described as “bent on world hegemony”. Where are China’s historical colonies, present-day de-facto colonies, or military bases around the world?