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Threat of Larger War Soars as Israel Claims Credit for Massive Attack on 'Iranian Targets' in Syria


Threat of Larger War Soars as Israel Claims Credit for Massive Attack on 'Iranian Targets' in Syria

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Dramatically escalating the risk of an all-out regional war in the aftermath of U.S.


Trump wants so much to play war president. Makes me miss Jimmy Carter all the more.


Let Israel become a totalitarian world military power all by itself.

Quit sending US taxes to support Israel.

Boycott Israeli war mongers.


But let’s spend copious amount of time talking/writing about the Mueller/Comey/Daniels BS while we’re on the brink of a major war which could end it all.

Nice job Liberal Democrats.


I predicted a false flag attack. Admittedly I did not specify Israel as the culprit, but it makes sense.


Support BDS!!


The threat of larger war was planned and in the makings some time ago. Note: This is from the NYT which is not my daily information source but noteworthy because written by the warmonger John R. Bolton…


Alternate headline:

“Israeli Tail Wags American Dog—Again”


The Zionist entity that rules Palestine on behalf of Western imperialism (“Israel”) has been bombing nations throughout the Mideast and Saharan Africa without consequence for decades. In addition, it has bombed and strafed the USS Liberty and other ships in international waters. The Liberty massacre killed 34 U.S. sailors and wounded 171.

Israel is able to act with impunity for two reasons: 1) the significant influence of Zionists within the elites of Western imperial nations; 2) Israel has between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads (developed in conjunction with former apartheid South Africa, France, the U.S. and other Western imperial nations) and large CBW stockpiles.

Nuclear and CBW terror pretty much guarantees permanent impunity. While these latest attacks are not “much ado about nothing,” they are consistent with Israeli behavior of ethnic removal, genocide, apartheid and international state terror since the founding of the false “nation”. You could say it is pretty much a carbon copy of its Biggest Brother.


Me too. Carter was the last president I voted for until Jill Stein came along.


So predictable from USA 2.0.


Yet another provocation by Israel. We drift toward World War 3, sleepwalking our way to mass destruction and oblivion. It is clear to me that USrael plans to somehow provoke Iran into a war, maybe via Syria. Israel will probably seize more territory, because they are an expansionist/imperialist and lawless state. It is truly a powder keg situation. We need some peacemakers but what we have is a White House full of war mongering chicken-hawks. God help us all.


F Israel.


Carter gave full support to Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor, resulting in over a quarter of a million deaths. I guess their lives don’t matter to you, but I see Carter as just another imperial President, blinded by nationalism and big business like all others.


Bomb Bolton.


Exactly. While one of the best ex-presidents in U.S. history, Carter was a Cold Warrior as president. In addition to the timor massacres, his administration was involved in many on-going dirty wars throughout the Americas.


Another example of MSM complicity. They won’t even inform their audience of the most basic fact of this charade - it was Israel who fired the first missiles. And if any of these corporate shills did so, they’d have to admit it’s a war crime. The Geneva Convention is unambiguous about the matter. You can’t attack another nation unless you’ve been attacked first, or prove one is absolutely imminent.


Israel is a citadel that protects the flow of oil and other resources through the Suez. If you buy products, then you benefit from this arrangement.

As resources grow more scarce, as the climate changes in the Middle east and habitat collapses, expect more desperation.

So, just go have more kids and go shopping in the meantime and blame corporations. That will solve everything.


Carter may have been a Sunday school teacher, but like all Presidents was selected before he was allowed to become elected. A goody two shoes for the masses! But really nothing but another stooge for the deep state!.


Moon of Alabama on the strikes.