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Threat of Turkey-Russia Escalation as Wave of Fighters Cross into Syria


Threat of Turkey-Russia Escalation as Wave of Fighters Cross into Syria

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Tensions continued ratcheting up along the Turkey-Syria border on Thursday, with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu vowing retaliation in both Syria and Iraq for Wednesday's bombing in Ankara that killed dozens.

In a live televised speech, Davutoglu said Thursday—though he offered no evidence—that the perpetrator of the Ankara car bombing was a member of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, working with insurgents from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).


Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.
* Sheesh!


War Street profiteers are salivating.


Will our chicken hawks support NATO if it means nuclear war?


Turkish President and ex-PM Erdogan is a grave threat to what little "stability" is left in Syria and the wider region. He has gone off the NATO reservation becoming increasingly aggressive in his madness as the pre-meditated and intentionally provocative downing of the Russian SU-24 bomber last year proved. His breaking the two-year ceasefire with the Kurds showed what he had in mind, using war and conflict to improve his popularity and power.

Turkey is now the major threat to a wider war involving world powers and NATO in Syria.....to begin with. The Saudis are itching to bring their war beyond Yemen and Israel is a complicated factor.





So where are these amazing U.S. and British special forces/James Bond types to protect world peace by taking out this madman Erdogan who is pushing us into World War III? Oh, I forgot. Those guys only do anything useful in movies.


I'm guessing they'll support nuclear war right up to the point it impacts their expensive lunches in Washington D.C.


New Cold War declared? Must mean that this "war on terrorism" racket is running out of steam.

Look, the defense industry has got to shift product: bombs, drones, jets, missiles. Any minimally plausible pretext will do: China, Russia, terrorists, commies, ghosts, zombies, space aliens, what does it matter? Product has got to move don't you filthy little people understand?


American jobs depend upon it!


A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing The Realm (1996) laid out the plans for regime change in Iraq, then "pushing Assad into the Mediterranean" - resulting in at least a partitioned Syria, separating Assad from Tehran. (And incidentally making way for a Sunni gas line to Europe instead of the Iranian alternative). So of course the Kurds are the last people Turkey wants occupying that region. That was not part of the plan!

Who wrote A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing The Realm (1996)? That would be your American Neo-Cons. It was a foreign policy proposal written for then Prime Minister Netanyahu.

How did the Twin Towers figure into all this?
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Putin has reportedly informed Turkey (and presumably the Saudis and US) that a Turkish/Saudi invasion that threatens Russian forces in Syria is illegal (this is true) and will be met with tactical nuclear weapons (this is alarming, but may in fact be technically legal under such circumstances).

So Erdogan's only card is calling on NATO to back him up. That's World War III right there, unless somehow the world pretends a tactical nuclear weapon didn't just vaporize some large number of Turkish troops and armaments.

Being a member of NATO is not supposed to be a license to invade sovereign countries, though, (which is what Syria remains, like it or not) just because the U.S. has your back. My guess is that Obama won't want to see his children vaporized by a 90-megaton submarine-launched Russian warhead, though, and things will cool down after much saber-rattling.

Still not a good idea to ratchet tensions to that level. Erdogan is a corrupt asshole.


Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!


Protect the Queen and CAPITAL




Twin towers was the deliberate prelude to the mess we seen since then


The world ought to protest this thug Erdogans stupid moves by closing all Turkish embassies and consulates world wide.


And you've got what, 4 minutes between launch and airburst over Washington D.C.? No chance. No chance at all.

This is why, back in the age when grown-ups ran things, we didn't invade a place like Syria. Everyone and his dog knew, back during Cold War I, that Syria was a Russian protectorate and was off-limits, no matter how much that fact bugged Israel, the Saudis, or anybody else.

These days our neocon Strangeloves really do see getting nuked as akin to getting your hair mussed. The reality is going to be a real shock to these fat, pasty worms stumbling out of their think tanks into the heat of the sun at the sun.


Change your moniker because it is not consistent with the vile bigotry in your post.


Hang in there NTO1, it ain't over 'til it's over, and time may have some surprises for us.


The Turkish people better string up their leader.