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Threatening Clean Water for Millions, Trump Signs Off on Polluter Giveaway


Threatening Clean Water for Millions, Trump Signs Off on Polluter Giveaway

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Throwing the weight of his office behind the nation's biggest polluters, President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order directing his administration to dismantle the Obama-era Clean Water Rule.

Surrounded by other foes of environmental regulation, including the newly confirmed EPA head Scott Pruitt, the president declared the 2015 law, also known as Waters of the United States, "a horrible, horrible rule. Has sort of a nice name, but everything else is bad."


Here in Minnesota, with a big push by Gov. Dayton, we got a buffer law passed to help keep our streams and rivers cleaner. There was an outcry against it at first, especially from republicans and some farmers. As a farmer with a creek on my land, I made my voice heard, as I knew it was an excellent idea.


With this move, Trump is pretty much driving the last nail in the coffin for Coal River Mountain. Blair Mountain, and all the remaining areas of biological diversity in southern WV - unmatched anywhere in the hemisphere outside of the tropics.

But hey... Obama did nothing and Trump won't be so bad...


More law suits on the way. .


Most importantly, without regulations like this, those who try to "do the right thing" will be severely punished and driven out of business by those who don't give a shit about the Earth. Aren't "free markets" wonderful that way?


These "pods" do not deserve to live on Earth. Make sure we protect our planet. Google climate action now.


Maybe as a poster said awhile ago, we should contact the UN.


Did these "deplorables" sign up for dirty water and air, no jobs, less education and no taxes on the rich? What have these people been smoking?


Trump and his environmental terrorist minions are "horrible, horrible people" and "everything they do is bad".


Trump is a Clucking Hypocrite. Tonight in his address to Congress, he stated he would keep our nations' Air and Water clean.

Clucking Hypocrite.


That was just what is called a "throwaway line". He spent much of the speech before that saying he would dismantle the regulations needed to achieve clean air and water.


It is not about "pods' it is about economic systems. Under capitalism, doing the right and good thing is rewarded with starving and freezing to death.


Environmental regulations were put in place for a reason. There's a long history behind those reasons for having environmental regulations. These republicans haven't forgotten that history. Rather, they never admitted to their trespasses in the first place. Christians have a term to describe such people and that term is "unrepentant sinners." That's who rump and his tea bagger kind are- unrepentant sinners!


Why do corporations have to poison the air and water in order to make a profit and fix the economy?


And the emperor's pawn in a Dem suit (empty), Manchin will back him all the way into the deepest, darkest mine shaft in WV, which will be filled with toxic, corrosive water accumulated after the tunnel played out.


I absolutely abhor this man and all of his cabinet picks and I can't believe how the corporate media is slowly moving toward normalizing him. He is nothing more than a rich pig wearing lipstick. He looked like a mafia don standing up there before Congress and there in the background his two goons, Pence and Ryan.


And that is why we need to continue to demand that our home be protected. That is more than economic systems.