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Threatening Food and Medicines, Trump Admin Accused of Putting Iranian People in 'Cross-Hairs of Its Ongoing Economic War'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/25/threatening-food-and-medicines-trump-admin-accused-putting-iranian-people-cross

Screw trump and the skunk he rode in on. This is like beating up the little old lady and stealing her shopping cart. We always seem to find a way to screw over the weak and helpless, and for no good reasons.
Pitting the full weight of U.S. clout over a civilian population. Ashamed to be an American again today.

This smells like Clinton in Iraq, and Israel with the Palestinian people.

PS Iranians are not a threatening people. But when they get messed with they know how to hit back. Do we have any extra towers that need demolition?

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Our previous sanctions against Iran caused approx 1,800,000 early deaths for children, elderly due to lack of medicines. Now, we are repeating.
I have no idea why republicans hate the Persian peoples.
Heck, their foreign minister is an American !!

Where is the senate foreign relations committee on this sanction??

We are wrong this time. Let us re-instate the nuclear arms agreement with Iran and learn how to sell Ford and Chevy pick up trucks in the middle east.

They won’t buy American because of our infringing policies throughout the ME. And American motor vehicles still do not match up with what is practical there. Durability and replacement parts for a start.
We won’t see a change in the nuclear arms deal until there is a change in leadership here.
Israel is our problem, and thus Washington claims that Iran is also our problem.

you tryin to say that the toyota pick up is superior to Ford or Chevy?
Heck, in 1990, every bedoin had a chevy or ford pick up - with the air condtioning on and three guys in the cab. Women, children, goats and sheep walked. The semi even had a big screen TV that powered off batteries that they recharged at the gas station.