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Threatening Sanctions, Warmonger John Bolton Urges Europe to Join US in Violating Iran Nuclear Deal

Threatening Sanctions, Warmonger John Bolton Urges Europe to Join US in Violating Iran Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Warning that the U.S. could impose sanctions on European companies that continue to do business with Iran after President Donald Trump violated the international nuclear accord last week, national security adviser John Bolton said in an appearance on CNN Sunday that he believes "Europeans will see that it's in their interests to come along with us."

Big Bully!!! Ugly soul! Whatever kind of Karma is effecting Bolton, I hope the Great Mother and his own mother, forgives him.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there. Remember this not as a “Hallmark” Holiday, but as celebrating the Mother of all creation–Gaia! May Her life’s sweet nectar flow through you and nourish you always.


This is, of course, exactly what one expects from a Nazi like Bolton. Isn´t it high time for Europe to secede from the U.S.? Perhaps Germany might lead the way, for example, by terminating its cooperation with the ongoing American occupation.


Perhaps somewhere along the line there was a bureaucrat that questioned this madness.
Perhaps somewhere in the foreign service and cadre of ambassadors who did not not belong to the elitist ultra rich club of mutual hand jobbing, someone pegged John Bolton and Porgie Bush as having parental issues.
Perhaps someone in the mass media sees that this strain of arrested development could annihilate human existence could have that beauraucrat on.

And then we have to depend on those without hope to understand that this is fatalistic and they would join in a stand against war.


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If European nations have any integrity and sovereignty, they must not roll-over for trump regime and/or Israeli extremism and warmongering! When you KNOW the abandonment of the JCPOA is a fraud! Stand-up for yourselves! Unwind your bloody flags and speak truth to the corrupt warmongering powers! If the EU nations become lap-dogs in this, they will pay a steep price into the future for such craven behavior! Once one gives in to any bully, especially such depraved ones, the demands to continue such boot-licking will only increase…ultimately to your own great detriment! Take this opportunity to refuse to serve evil…


The Europeans (hopefully) will not take kindly to these threats. I believe this entity Bolton does not understand the mentality of the peoples of Europe. Already the British will be demonstrating if the “key lime largo pie” president sets foot on sovereign soil.


I think you were writing your post as I was writing mine. :crystal_ball:

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I didn’t realize how Bolton pressured inspectors to go away before the Iraq war

“We know where your children live in NYC” and an international negotiator dropped out.

And he continues to do it today.

Countdown To War On Iran

In the above article he did his work again links to May 11, 2018 article

U.N. nuclear watchdog’s inspections chief quits suddenly

They are using the same playbook that led to war on Iraq. Note the word “ON”, not “IN” an invasion of country which violated international law sold to the gullible Americans by Cheney and Co.

Meanwhile, can he stop the North Korea deal as well?
John Bolton Once Sabotaged A Deal With North Korea - He Will Try To Repeat That


How many independent states of the United States will see it is their best interest to go along with the hatred and war backroom corporatist planners dictate?

This guy is nothing but trouble, in the very worst way. He loves to start fires, and then tries to act like the fires were already going when he got there. What this administration needs to have happen to it is a revolt; not from outside, from the people, although that should happen too, but from within. If it were remotely possible to have someone rebel against Trump or Bolton or anyone and start a domino effect of tearing this White House group apart from the inside out would be great. The only trouble is, who replaces them? The Democrats are afraid of their own goddamn shadows and the alternative version of the Republican Party, the party of HW Bush/Reagan, as abhorrent of them as I’ve been in years past, may not be too much better. Bolton wants to set the whole world aflame. He should start himself on fire first


Bolton, a vacuous facile ratbag, says, “we have the support of Israel”. That’s eight and a half million people. Thank God we have their support. We couldn’t do it alone. Who’s he kidding? Who’s support who? What form does this support take? Who’s driving this madness? Cui bono?

And if Bolton and his neocon buddies are once again successful in starting a war, will Israel come to our military aid this time, or would we be expected to fight it alone, for them?


Pretty much everything our country is doing is weakening liberal democracy and the western alliance at this point. This is exactly what the peace-loving Putin wants.

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Love to see the Euros cut themselves lose from and isolate the US.


Always the stupid would like to blame global warming on some sort of geoengineering. Well I guess it is sort of…too much fossil fuel burning.


When Team Trump has managed to alienate the U.S. from every major ally in the world, they’ll stand back and declare:
"Mission Accomplished!"

Warmongers R U.S.

When will the Duopoly learn that Diplomacy insures survival.

Perhaps not survival for Weapons makers, but survival of our species.


Warmongering cowards should be in the front lines. His mustache would make a good target.

When The One Percent Sent Its Kids to War


Yes. Some of the trillions that have gone missing. They might have found them by then!!!

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WTF makes Bolton think we have a right to dictate anything to any other country? Seriously!

The only way we are “exceptional” is the fact that we are exceptionally delusional


The original mother’s day was not a hallmark either. It was created by feminists to counter the anti-suffragette movement.