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Threatening the 'Warnings Upon Which the Country Depends,' Trump Budget Would Axe Nearly 250 Weather Forecasters


Threatening the 'Warnings Upon Which the Country Depends,' Trump Budget Would Axe Nearly 250 Weather Forecasters

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Among the agencies slated for deep cuts in President Donald Trump's "morally bankrupt" budget proposal is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The National Weather Service (NWS), which is part of the NOAA, faces a proposed 8 percent cut compared to 2017 levels, which would mean slashing 355 jobs, including those of 248 forecasters.


I have a solution to this problem: In order to fund all the missing revenue that will cut money from vital programs, departments and services, every Congressional member that voted for the budget will give up a percentage of their salary until the deficit is balanced out. Since they are concerned about welfare of the country and their constituents I’m sure they’ll be glad to make a sacrifice to "Make America Great Again"™.


It just never ends. The silver lining, the more of this crap that gets done, the bluer the country gets. I’d prefer green, but hopefully next round.


How quaint. Cut the weather reporting service at the same time as going full bore on fossil fuel consumption. Let the storms rage where they may, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, (unless maybe one happens to surprise direct hit them.)


When nincompoops and morons run the country. They wanted their chance, now they have it, and what a mess they are creating. Even as they thump their chests and strut around elbowing everyone who disagrees with them. Truly a confederacy of dunces.


The best thing to “axe” would be the head of every single Republican and Democrat, Congress person and Senator that will vote to pass this brutal budget.

As for Trump, I’d treat him a little bit different. Remember what was done to Mel Gibsons character, William Wallace, in the movie “Braveheart” at the end of the movie?

I bet he wouldn’t be shouting, “Freedom” as his last words.

His last words would most likely be, “My Money.”


This and most all of the other actions by trump & his regime of destruction are the depraved actions of ignorant greed/profit-driven fools totally divorced from reality and any concern for people or planet’s sustainable future. Contempt for the health and safety of Americans with pre-meditated empowerment of the forces of exploitation, pollution, and profits above ALL else is their MO; lies, fabrication, deceit and secrecy their tools! There has never been as great a threat to people and planet than from this regime of the utterly unprincipled!

Cut every program that serves people and gift every rotten corporate entity and the wealthiest with trillions!

The trump regime denies MMGW, global extinctions, pollution as a crime, and most all other science and evidence for the critical, precarious nature of life on earth in their pursuit of money. I suppose they think all they have to do is destroy the evidence and silence the testimony of experts, ban the words that shine a light on their stupidity, corruption and evil madness!


The people who don’t vote know it’s a scam and the government doesn’t do anything much but privatize public goods at home and kill people to help capitalists steal in weaker countries.

Eventually no sane person will pay any attention and the christian right will take over. Then everyone but them will be tuned in and drop out.