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Threatening Water Supplies, World's Lakes Warming Faster than Oceans and Atmosphere


Threatening Water Supplies, World's Lakes Warming Faster than Oceans and Atmosphere

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The world's lakes are warming at a faster rate than oceans and atmosphere, a trend that may already have triggered major changes in aquatic ecosystems, according to a new report published in Geophysical Research Letters on Wednesday.

Globally, lakes have been heating up an average of 0.34°C (.61°F) per decade between 1985 and 2009, researchers found. In northern climates, the deepest ice-covered lakes are warming at twice the rate of the atmosphere.


In the big picture, this report is just one of many alarm bells ringing. The alarms are going off because the living Earth has been knocked off its balance point in multiple fundamental ways.

The engine that knocked the living Earth off its balance point is human civilization, and in present times particularly the human industrial economy.

"The solution" must go far deeper than "renewables" or "new nukes" or "geoengineering" or any other narrow solution.

"The solution" to the drastically unbalanced and dis-integrating ecology of the Earth, must go to the heart of what it means to be a human, and what it means to "meet human needs."

We need to entirely restructure "the human economy" to harmonize with living systems, not to chop them into bits to generate "wealth" while murdering the ecology.

We need an epic uprising of humility and restraint, and a living solidarity that transcends narrow bounds of nation, class, or species.


Well you must have gone to some special grade school because mine never taught physics. I may know something intuitively but there's nothing like knowing factually. Saying lakes are warming too is grade school stuff.

Saying lakes are warming .61F degrees per decade is science. That is really fast imo. As any aquarium lover knows, fish are particularly sensitive to temperature changes. This is rapid warming and doesn't bode well. It is nice to know the details since I don't go by my hunches and prefer to refer to scientific quantified data.

Man and I thought grade school arithmetic was a pain...sheesh... grade school physics?... lol.


"Not just for drinking water, but manufacturing...": Why include manufacturing--that which has greatly contributed to pollution and climate chaos? Appealing to business is a tiresome habit, time we broke it. Water is life and not a commodity


This another issue to add to understanding of one aspect of what industrialized civilization has done wrong, causing climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming. As the result of these studies, lakes should be included in that issue. But that is only one of the predicaments that society will have to try to address. Over population, depletion of natural resources and irrevocable aging of the vast infrastructure that provides so many of the goods and services people have become dependent on.


Ah well, in my British primary school back around 1959, we learnt about the greenhouse effect due to CO2. It was also taught in my British grammar school a couple of years later. Ho hum..........55 years later.............ho hum............

CO2's propensity to act as a greenhouse was discovered in the 1840s; in 1894-1895 Aarhenius modelled global cooling to produce the ice ages through calculating the effect of reductions in atmospheric CO2 and then reverse modelled it to see how it would cause global warming and apparently, so I have read, his results were not much different from current modelling. But then, he was Swedish so who cared.........? Henry Ford was much more important..........


The greenhouse effect isn't really physics although I suppose everything is kind of part of physics in a way. Wouldn't the greenhouse effect be more of a meteorological or even geological effect with a dash of chemistry thrown in.

Seriously George...lol what the hell are you going on about? 1894? Apparently the Bratish primary texts needed updating in '59 to say the least. My Gawd, are you old! Sheesh. Lol

I vaguely remember 1959 (yeah I'm old too lol) which if I remember correctly even the mention of physics was risky for third and fourth graders and could very well have some connection to that rock and roll juvenile delinquent caused impending end of civilization!

Actually back in those days we talked of the purity of science before anyone though pollution meant more than tin cans along the side of the road. There were also less than 2.5 billion people? Nobody knew science except scientists in 1959 George... lol... you know that was actually true too. Isn't it amazing how people with TV and the internet have access to so much information and knowledge yet are not any smarter than they were before? People talk like they know though. Lol

That's that thing about people. Give a kid whose grandfather lived in the stone age a computer and TV and he is just as dopey as the kids his age in London or NYC. Neither clean their rooms either.

I blame the Brits. lol ... a habit i picked up from talking with you... LOL


OK! You got me. I am afraid. OOOO... lakes getting a little warmer. But I wonder why you want me afraid, what power do I have anyway?

Lakes in the tropics are wildly warmer, but in no way dead.

And why again should I be informed of lake temperatures rising? Is this somehow worse than air or land? Shocking news, Land in Texas is .5F warmer at 10 feet of depth, worm revolt feared!

"IF I can make you afraid, you will do anything I ask".


Ah but the greenhouse effect is indeed physics. Good old solar rays hit the earth and then the earth radiates heat at a different wavelength which is just the right wavelength to excite the CO2 molecule which then proceeds to warm up the place and to save us from global ice-ages; isn't that amazing? It proves God, who moves in mysterious ways. It also means Noah cannot save the place by building an Ark as he did last time; God put CO2 into the atmosphere to teach is to behave properly and not burn His Coal and Oil, which is required to power the furnaces of Hell into which sinners shall be cast at the Final Trump. No I don't refer to Donald though he might indeed be the final Trump if he becomes POTUS, something I would rather duck

Yes; I remember when there were less than 2.5 billion people.......and very few cars on the roads, and people rode bicycles to actually get somewhere and didn't need Lycra tights to do it in......... and milk with cream on top was delivered to one's door in glass pint bottles that were recycled by the dairy....... and kids were taught to read, write and do 'rithmetic.... and didn't have toddler-version AK-47s.........and TV was in black and white...... and British Ministers of the Crown were not allowed to tell lies in Parliament.