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Threats of Default and 'Grexit' Loom as Greece Refuses to Surrender


Hi again, Mr. Mud and thanks again for your posts.

Thanks to net neutrality, info is still available for anyone willing to dig up the information online in a society that relies heavily on Faux News to mislead the general public. Reading back on the Nazi occupation of Europe and the similar histories of the EU, IMF,TAA & TPP, I suspect that the forces intent on bankrupting Europe,like a malignant abscess coming to a head and about to erupt, are part and whole of an active 3rd Reich plan to destroy America and the civilization of this world that we call home.

Officials, starting from the top within our own Democratic party in alliance with the Third Way Think Tank, have revealed themselves as faux liberals and traitors to both party and nation. The TAA & TPP fiascos were written in secrecy by Congress to force our citizens by law into economic servitude and slavery with rights of sovereignty given to foreign powers without a single defensive blow being struck. Any official that accepted a reward to vote YES on these bills should be publically stripped of their office and prosecuted for treason of the highest order.

Until the public finally hears the truth, takes notice of the massive injustices occurring around us and cares enough soon enough to take action, our nation will not survive. In the future, we will call the ruins of global civilization or whatever remains, as the New World Order.


As i see it all nations are under the same threat from the global corporate menace and i see that corporate/bankster NWO menace not being aimed at any one nation in particular. IMO this is a class struggle where national borders serve to divide and corral ‘we the people’ everywhere while the global cabal and their capital, unhindered by borders, plays one against another in a race to the bottom.