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Three Administrations, But One Standard Playbook for Endless War


Three Administrations, But One Standard Playbook for Endless War

Danny Sjursen

From Bush to Obama to Trump, it's just more of the same on overseas war.

"The bottom line is that Iraq has many challenges ahead and Washington doesn’t have a hope in hell of meaningfully solving any of them." (Photo: the U.S. Army/flickr/cc)


Its like Country Joe McDonald told us nearly a half century ago: “war is good business, invest your son”.


One of the main reasons I will never again vote for a Democrat.


Yesterday, Trump said something to the effect that he was against nation-building.

So the US policy of nation-destroying and leaving instability in our wake will continue right on schedule.


Mr. Sjursen, you will never work for the State Department!

What is America’s strategic interest in Syria? I’m not sure, but it could be some
megadonors paying for more interest in Washington.


Elections in America are about voting for whom we want to lie to us. They get to throw around some Halloween candy to put on their resume, but the real decisions are made well above their pay grade. The power behind the throne is mostly hidden, the choice is superficial–but you can choose among 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins. (RIP George Carlin)


I like to read stuff like this because I need to know I’m not a lunatic, that it’s only the USA which has gone insane.

And then I think about it & once again I am confronted with the cold hard fact that sometime after 9/11 the USA slipped into the mode of a true Military Dictatorship, with pseudo-democratic window-dressing to keep the rubes in line.

Presidents come & go, but generals & the wars stay in place.


Obvious to everyone, the US is following in the steps of the Roman Empire. The Patrician Senate has been bought and reduced to fawning servility, the tribunes of the people have been corrupted, the plebeians are thrilled by the spectacle of distant conquest and dazzling triumphal parades, and mercenary legions–the ranks of which are filled with non-Roman citizens–occupy garrisons at the perimeters of the familiar world . What could possibly go wrong?


The establishment Democrat and Republican Parties embrace the US worldwide never ending wars. Additionally, military / espionage is a significant component of the US economy. Progressives need to work to end these wars, but, at best, it seems that these wars will continue for generations.


In the meantime, the north polar ice cap has disappeared and there is no way that we can save the planet with the energy going into the military empire and endless war. But the corporate profits, oh the profits. And the inequality continues to blossom. And we the people slumber on.