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Three Amigos to Pledge 50% Clean Power, But Where is 'Real Action'?


Three Amigos to Pledge 50% Clean Power, But Where is 'Real Action'?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. President Barack Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are poised to commit to a new plan that will require their countries to produce 50 percent of their power from clean sources by 2025—drawing praise and caution from climate advocates who say they will believe it when they see it.


We are not so naive as to think that the Democrats are really worried about clean power. Just in the past few days the Clintonites on the platform committee have blocked proposals to ban fracking. These meetings are only for show.


New York is aiming for 100% green power by 2050. The states largely control this type of stuff. California also has set high goals. If enough states join in it should happen. If they don't it doesn't look good. This is not something the federal government can do alone. We need more Democratic governors. Right now there are only about 20. Without more Democrats in charge of state governments prospects for 50% clean power by 2050 seems dismal. But for the US that goal is much too weak. By 2050 the US probably needs to reduce fossil fuel use by at least 90%. Our goal should be 100% clean power by 2050.


The article says 50% by 2025. I believe that 100% by 2050 is already the stated goal. The big thing though is how you actually get there. And recall that energy policy is not the same as climate change policy.


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Thanks for the correction. Now it makes more sense. You get there through more solar, and wind primarlity. A big part is states requiring utilities to use a certain percentage of green energy by a certain date. How to make that happen is the problem. Also, efforts on the community level to promote solar energy have a big role. Utilities are starting to build large scale solar facilities so there is really good reason for optimism. The much more difficult problems to solve involve transportation and heating. Of course climate change policy is far more comprehensive and should involve all sources of greenhouse gases.


Canada and the tar sands extraction in Alberta with plans to expand eastward do not sound like they are serious about "pledge 50% Clean power by 2025" as there is too much money at stake. The US and offshore drilling on the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards and in the Gulf of Mexico along with the massive operations in the Bakken oil fields in ND won't be shutting down anytime soon, to be sure. Mexico and Petromex and their operations in the Gulf will also not be closing down any operations. And as for fracking in the US, no mention is made of that ending anytime soon. I call BS because when the curtains are pulled back, then the bare naked reality is revealed. Simply grandstanding to quell the outrage of the people protesting coal and oil transportation; fracking; and environmental/ecological destruction nation and worldwide. It's all about profits...period!


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For the US this is an increase of 13% over about 10 years, or an average of about 1.3% per year. Most of the present clean power is nuclear (certainly some people will object to calling nuclear clean) and hydro. A large portion of the increase should be in the form of solar and wind. Given the increase in solar power that has occurred recently and also to some extent wind achieving 50% by 2025 certainly seems feasible.


In 2015 Canada imposed a duty of 286.1% on almost all solar panels made in China. Local governments here, in BC, demand thousands of dollars in needless permitting costs while the federal government collects a tax on solar, this provincial government provides no incentives.
Meanwhile this provincial government is banking on LNG because it is "clean" when, in fact, it is worse than coal!!


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It is easy money not to comply. Why follow the work hard mantra when screwing everyone dependant on your planet killing resource is safer...