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Three Cheers for the Perez-Ellison DNC Team to Move the Democrats in a Progressive Direction

Three Cheers for the Perez-Ellison DNC Team to Move the Democrats in a Progressive Direction

Peter Dreier

I was hoping that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) would win the Democratic National Committee chairmanship because of his experience as an organizer, but former Labor Secretary Tom Perez — who won a narrow victory at the DNC’s Atlanta meeting today — is also a great choice. He’s progressive, pro-worker, an accomplished advocate for civil rights and social justice, and the first Latino in that job. He immediately asked Ellison to serve as deputy chair — a smart move to bring the party together.


The Democratic Party has at least a three decade of history of and no shortage of experience “TAKING ADVANTAGE OF growing grassroots resistance movement” against the GOP.

All that “taking advantage” strengthened and perpetuated the lesser evil model that is obsolete and will not work in today’s circumstance of the GOP having more control than since 1928, even if a GOP operative other than Trump currently occupied the White House.

The Party’s mission needs to prioritize fielding candidates that voters actually want to vote FOR, rather than lesser evils, thereby relegating “resistance” to one of many strategies used to accomplish that mission… Resistance without a long term solution will just burn the grassroots out post haste.


I left the Democratic Party more than a decade ago.

Nothing that occurred in Atlanta yesterday will change that.


The percentage of Murkins identifying as Democrats has been in a downward spiral for more than half a century. The steepest declines occurred during Clinton’s and Obama’ s FIRST terms when the Party’s betrayal of the 99% was most apparent.


I agree with the call to stop the infighting but don’t expect that to happen. The Sanders/Warren wing of the party is economic class-based and the number one villain is Wall Street and Democrats seen as being too close to Wall Street. The Clinton/Obama wing of the party is based much more on identity politics and the number one villain is the Republican Party. Even facing the threat of fascism uniting seems unlikely. The Sanders/Warren wing seems intent on continuing the fight and wresting power from the Clinton/Obama wing which is now focused on resisting Trump and fighting the Republicans. It is hard to see anyone who can unite the party. Perez appears to be a progressive (nearly all Democrats are now called progressives) from the Clinton/Obama wing. I don’t seeing that sitting will with the Sanders/Warren people.


Dust off Chomsky’s 7 point argument for voting for the lesser evil, it will no doubt be used next time around, in spades. Bernie was out fund raising for the Demos in Kansas: how many in the crowd came for the Party, how many for Bernie? Sadly, as things stand today, it looks like 2020 will be a rerun of 2016 as far as the primaries are concerned, but next time the old guard candidate can’t help but win.


The ones who voted for Perez are the same ones who still can’t understand why Hillary lost.


“The anti-Trump resistance movement is way ahead of the party.”

True enough. That’s why we’re continuing to leave the D party in droves. It’s irrelevance is increasingly obvious.

My favorite line from this essay: “In fact, about 95% of Bernie supporters voted for Hillary.”

I love that line because it highlights how few of us it has taken to relegate the Democrats to the political wilderness.

Bernie can go in his way, I’ll go in mine. The momentum seems to be shifting in my direction: #DemExit now!


Well, this is rather smug. My guess is that progressive “base” is headed to the exits. It is telling that the perspective here is that progressives are the Democratic “base.” It used to be that one’s “base” was the foundation around which you built your organization and its policy agenda. Instead, it has morphed into the notion that it’s some kind reliable voting bloc you can always rely on while you court donors, though not necessarily voters, on the other end of the spectrum, whilst compromising your policy agenda to meet their demands.

It will be interesting to see what the Democratic Establishment does if, and when, they wake up and realize they have no base and no hope of winning any more elections at all levels of government. Will they fiddle until the party is totally burned to ashes? My guess is that they will. And (pardon the mixing of metaphors), one day political archaeologists will discover their calcified remains buried in the ashes of their demise, much as the real archeologists did the victims of Vesuvius in Pompeii and wonder why they stayed put, nestled as they were, in their snug little fiefdoms of power, rather than changing their strategies and tactics to meet the needs of the people they claim to serve.

Nancy Pelosi thinks that Democrats don’t want a new direction; after this weekend’s debacle she may be right; all those who want a new direction may well have left the building, leaving behind only those, like her, who are content to maintain their heading, even as the river approaches the falls, I, for one, am swimming for shore and looking for solid ground to stand on, along with all those who think we need not just a new direction, but a new political and policy framework. The Democratic Party is a lost cause.


Id like to know where he got that 95% figure???


Preach, yo!

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I think the first question to ask here is:
Who will be funding this new improved progressive Democratic Party?
Will the funds come in $100k increments,
or $27 increments?


I think it is way too early to predict who the leaders will be. It is like when the Union was so proud that Winfield Scott was going to lead the North against the Confederacy. The war hasn’t started yet, it is going to be a mess, and today’s group will be long fogotten by the time we get to the General Grant that will be required. Look for someone nobody expects, like Grant, to emerge after the inevitable defeats pile up and the nation weeps.


Hanging in there a bit longer to see if the Justice Dems can’t build on the Berners still in the party and get them elected, Tea Party style.

But I encourage all to go wherever they can best fight TPTB and maybe we can run as Indies or the Peoples Party or whatever someday.

Look at how California elected a majority of Berners into to state DPO and the Justice Dems in league with Brand New Congress are trying like hell to get people running for Congress. If you want to run, now is the time to contact them and they will support you all they can. If you don’t take corporate money and have generally Berner values (FDR values).


Check out Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. Encouraging us all to run and they will help as long as we don’t ask for corporate money and have FDR/Bernie values.

Humans or parties cannot serve two masters. particularly when they are disparate in goals. It is either Money or People…can’t do both. The vote was close for chair. Not sure how close the vote to continue corporate influence was. But that is the vote that will probably cause me to demexit…And Indivisible (not a party but a movement for democracy) might help me transition out. It is strong here in southern OR.

Oh and this article? Clearly not a pathway back to democracy.


I’m not opposed to a party takeover, but we just saw how hard that might be do to do.

And I’ve already given to BNC.

‘3 Cheers for the Perez-Ellison DNC Team to Move the Democrats in a Progressive Direction’?? Puleaz! When did CommonDreams become a lackey, a sycophant for the DNC? This blanket endorsement of the DNC’s corruption & degeneracy is a betrayal of the People’s trust in you. Common Dreams: you’re credibility’s been compromised.


Well, that’s a little harsh. Let’s not shoot the paper on account of the op-ed page.


“In fact, about 95% of Bernie supporters voted for Hillary. We need that kind of unity now.”

Well, Peter, what isn’t needed is alternative facts. Those Bernie supporters who voted for Clinton did so as a desperate attempt to keep Trump from being president. All that can be said in hindsight now is the difference between Trump being president without a winning plurality or Trump being president with a plurality. But those voters swallowed poison trying to prevent another poison, even though most couldn’t find anything positive to say about Hillary Clinton for the past 15 yrs or more.

Despite all the bemoaning in the comments section, this was all known long before election day. How many favorable things are now being said about the Greens. They’re ‘too feeble’, as one commentator said. It’s like a sports blog, only winners are worthy of support. At least the hypocrites have stopped calling Sander a sellout and traitor, although some pseudo-progressives still can’t resist throwing mud at Chomsky for stating the obvious. Fortunately there’s a huge and growing number of people with spines who are resisting. All are welcomed. Even pseudo-progressives, as soon as their fresh supply of Ritalin arrives.