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Three Earth Day Lessons for Green New Deal Activists

Three Earth Day Lessons for Green New Deal Activists

Rhea Suh
In April 1970, about 20 million Americans turned out for the first Earth Day, attending speeches, demonstrations and other community-based events in what the New York Times called “among the most participatory political actions in the nation’s history.”

In a country with a two-party system of government that prides itself with the division it creates amongst the electorate, one might think there is another lesson more important to be learned first.

I’ve been spending Earth Day collating observational records of the global temperature anomaly and the greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 & N2O. There’s a strange dynamic disequilibrium over the past few decades in which each one of these keeps growing exponentially – while maintaining a fixed proportion to all the other components. The heat brings on more greenhouse gas, which brings on more heat, and nothing has come close to even slowing that down over the past three decades.

My buddy Tamino says “This is the way we’re headed. What are we going to do about it?” Something has to seriously break this pattern, and soon.

We the People are going to have to break a few necks, before we break this pattern.

If the GND becomes reality, what’s to stop the oligarchy from subverting it and taking us back as it has always done with political bribes, threats and bad publicity?

How can we change anything without changing the system?