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Three More DNC Officials Out Amid Email Scandal


Three More DNC Officials Out Amid Email Scandal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Three top Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials have stepped down in the wake of the email scandal that has already forced the ouster of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


05/13/2016 email:

"Hi Donna, do you have a minute to chat today? Wanted to ask you about this fight between the Sanders camp and the DNC over adequate representation on the platform committee and others ahead of the convention - Abby Phillip (WASHPOST)"

05/13/2016 response:

"I have no intention of touching this. Why? Because I will cuss out the Sanders camp! - Donna Brazile"

Brazile also worked as a pro-Clinton political commentator at the Clinton News Network (CNN)

The power players at the DNC seem to have a major role in not only seating Crooked Hillary in the WH, but also secretly corrupting/sabotaging another candidate's honest run for office.

And then there was the Madeline Albright comment about women going to hell.

Claire McCaskill, who endorsed her before she even announced her intention to steal the WH.

And then Barbara Boxer at the Nevada convention, just "helping" Crooked Hillary (without mentioning their family connections).

Sounds like this good ol' girls network needs to be busted up, big time.


Dear god these DNC folks really believe their own press. Why in the world would they think we would trust any DNC leadership installed by the very participants and beneficiaries of their corruption? (Hillary Clinton participated and benefitted from this corruption... and she is the one pickingcthe replacements?) You folks are dumb as a box of rocks.


The only person who has demonstrated the integrity and leadership needed to Chair the DNC during this time of crisis is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. When Tulsi realized what was going on at the DNC she resigned her post as Vice-Chair, which was the right and honorable thing to do. Perhaps the Democrats can survive as a party with the honorable Tulsi Gabbard at the helm of the DNC. Otherwise, they are going the way of the Whigs.


When she left, I got such a sinking feeling...like, she knew about the corruption and wanted no part of it.

Thanks for the reminder about her.


I suspect there may be more to this than meets the eye at present. The rats are quickly abandoning the sinking ship.


Hello Nadia Prupis and everyone, The problem started a long time ago. The Democratic party never insulated itself from the Republican / Right Wing Virus. It was visible starting in the Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) era. As time passed it became worse allowing the Right Wingization of the Democratic Party as seen by the taking over by the Arkansas Mafia! The Democratic Party is now the unofficial / official left wing of the uni-party! It is just a pretend opposition party!!!!!


[110] Bernie Actually Won, Protests Rock DNC & more - YouTube


Yeah, but Tulsi was not shut out of the convention and got to place Bernie's name in nomination. She replaced former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who was frozen out of any public role at the convention, and who was supposed to introduce Bernie on Monday and place his name in nomination on Tuesday. She is probably done in Ohio Democratic politics as long as the Clinton faction runs the party. Hopefully we can defeat Hillary in the General election and kick the Clinton faction out of the party after that. Then Nina can come back and take a major leadership role in a reformed Democratic Party, becoming a future candidate for national office! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Why do people still vote Democrat or Republican? It seem incredibly stupid to do so.


I suppose these people will get publicly thanked and elevated by Obama and Hillary, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And, by the way, it's not a major achievement for "women" for a woman to get the nomination of a major party by cheating her way to that place.


You think people can be or should be prosecuted for having opinions with which you don't agree? What conceivable laws would call for that?


Indoctrination. Limiting the thought of Americans to only 2 choices. Similar to voter suppression laws.


Just to flag the ongoing role of the corrupt corporate media in all of this:

Can you imagine the gleeful shit-storm in the corrupt corporate media, if this were an RNC scandal about the Trump campaign?


Oh, for sure those emails were "insensitive and inappropriate" alright. What an insipid apology. Couldn't Donna come up with one that might have something to do with what the emails mean to the country?
Her apology is typical government speak. A comment about religion would be insensitive and inappropriate. Stealing the election is the subject but as usual they make a comment that is off the subject and that downplays the actual deed.
She can stuff her apology where the sun don't shine. She might as well have gone to the go to answer, but the Russians did it.
There is no apology if there is no accountability. Her statement was meaningless.


Most of the public is tragically uninformed thanks to the spin doctors at the MSM, either that or they have money in the game.


Does this mean we get a "Do Over"?


Donna Brazille, DWS' interim replacement ?

Wasn't Donna Brazille at the helm when the Democrats gave the 2000 election away ?


So things are 'shaken up' at the DNC. Members are being shuffled around, in and out, a fall guy has been blamed (Russia) and still .... everything continues as if nothing really happened that could actually point the whole agenda of making sure that Bernie's campaign was torched. For some reason I had the idea that this was illegal and that when there is illegal activity someone gets held accountable. I was under the impression that there is an agency specifically designated to monitor illegalities during the election process. I must be mistaken as there doesn't appear to be any discussion about it. As a Bernie supporter I have to wonder why.


Yes, it is amazing that there is no talk about the ongoing consequences of all of this fraud, or even a mention about rectifying it. Ho Hum, Hillary might not have "won" fairly. Oh well, on to the next big billionaire fundraiser and a few more stops on the campaign trail for the Anointed One.