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Three More Reasons Why We Need to Stop CETA


Three More Reasons Why We Need to Stop CETA

Nick Dearden

Last week I joined activists and campaigners from across the globe who came to Canada for the World Social Forum. A major topic of discussion was the problems with TTIP-style free trade agreements and how we can stop them.

For us in Europe the big one is now CETA – the Canada-EU trade deal (formally the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement) which could become law as early as next year. Unless we stop it.

Our allies from across Europe and Canada gave some strong reasons for us to get more active on CETA.


Be aware Mr. Dearden that all is NOT quiet on the WESTERN front !

Being Obama's most sacred of sacred cows, TPP is of at least as immediate a concern for Canadians and Murkins as CETA/TTIP.

When Obama hosted Trudeau at the White House last spring TPP was at the top of the agenda and Obama has promised Trudeau many favors for supporting it,

When any of these "deals"pass, Canadians have more to lose than Murkins do,only because Murkins have already lost so much. Affordable drug costs and Canada's single-payer will be the first victims of the corporate tribunals who allocate the spoils.