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Three Myths About Gaza Dispelled

Three Myths About Gaza Dispelled

Jim Klutznick, Marilyn Katz

The front-page photos and nightly news reports of the killings at the Gaza/Israel border have faded; the issues that fueled the confrontation have not.

That the lives of 119 Gazans have been lost and thousands more unalterably changed is horrific. It will be just as tragic if the history of Gaza and the truth is buried along with those killed.

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Israel whacks and whacks and kicks and shoots at Gaza and then screams “Stop Resisting!”. Fuck the Zionists.


Myth 4: Israeli citizens who support genocide are human beings.


Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto and the Palestinians are the current Untermenschen. Eventually the Israelis will exterminate the Palestinians, not by shipping them to death camps but just by starvation. The U.S. leadership and media will look on and say nothing. They say nothing about the genocide about to happen in Yemen. The United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are the true matrix of evil. Disgusting.



The truth has been getting lost in the conflict for almost 100 years. Both sides typically push their own versions of what occurred. This article is a pretty good description of the situation. One thing that should be added is that although the Palestinians groups have recognized the right of Israel to exist they have not recognized the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. This remains a point of conflict. One big question is how to get the peace process going again. The killings that took place once again are a reminder there is a need for peace. And another question is whether there is still hope for a peaceful solution. What seems to be missing is a willingness on both sides to make compromises. In fact, as time goes on views seem to be hardening. Somehow all involved parties should be brought together to finally put an end to this horrible situation that has been going on much too long.

Are you for real or some kind of “centrist” David Packman clone-bot?

Why are you promoting this utterly bullshit narrative that “both sides need to just make peace?” Who has been massacring who and who has been robbing who of their homes and land for the past 7\0 years???

And why should ANYONE support something as undemocratic and racist as a “Jewish State”??? I presume you support the US declaring itself a “Christian State” then???


When will Israel recognize Palestine’s right to exist?


It is important to continue our focus on Israel’s atrocities of course.

Bu isn’t it time for the left to also focus a bit at what is happening much closer to home with Ortega and his armed paramilitary thugs in Nicaragua? Over 120 largely peaceful protestors have been killed there. Why the complete silence here on Common Dreams and the left more broadly regarding this?


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Exactly, Yunzer. Israel as a “Jewish state” does not extend citizenship to any resident who is not Jewish. And people who are not residents, but are Jewish, can be citizens. It’s an apartheid state and Lrx will not admit that.

The IDF, and Israeli right, are working hard to portray Razan al-Najjar as, at best, a ‘Hamas human shield’ and at worst a merciless savage terrorist whose sole aim was to murder Israelis. The terrorist ‘grenade’ that the IDF claim she threw to kill Israelis was actually a tear gas canister she was getting away from a group of peaceful protester after the IDF shot it at them.

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Because we are not fucking morons:

Nicaragua: Parade of the Hypocrites

The disturbing events in Nicaragua between April 20 and April 24 provoked the usual corporate and alternative media 'fake news,' and social media disinformation attacking a progressive government resisting U.S. foreign policy. The hypocrites avow concern for democracy and human rights, while helping deliberately to destroy them. Superficially, the main propaganda point was that President Ortega's government had lost legitimacy and had to go. This is the classic regime-change mantra used in 2011 against Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast; Muammar al Gaddhafi in Libya; Bashar al Assad in Syria; in 2016 against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil and, since 2013, against President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Is Nicaragua Next in Line for NATO-Style Regime Change?

In the protests, as of Friday, 10 people have been killed and over 80 people injured, including at least 30 police officers. Most fatalities resulted from lethal use of firearms by right-wing provocateurs. Mainstream Western media reports cover up the fact that – far from being peaceful – the protests have been characterized by lethal violence from extreme right-wing shock groups trying to destabilize Nicaragua, just as they have done in Venezuela.

Rebellion or Counter-Revolution: Made In US In Nicaragua?

One of the three students on tour in Sweden right now is Jessica Cisneros, active in issues of integration and youth participation in political processes. She is a member of the Movimiento Civico de Juventudes (MCJ). That organization is financed, created by and an integral part of the National Democratic Institute. The NDI is an organization that works to change society in other countries. The president of the NDI is Madeleine Albright, former U.S. secretary of state. The general secretary of the MCJ, Davis Jose Nicaragua Lopez, founder of the organization, is also the coordinator of the NDI in Nicaragua and active in a series of similar organizations in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Manufacturing Dissent: The N.E.D., Opposition Media and the Political Crisis in Nicaragua

The consensus in the international media that Ortega is a dictator on his way out seems a conclusion underdetermined by the facts. Certainly, prior to the demonstrations in April, the Sandinistas generally, and even Ortega specifically, remained popular in many quarters. The FSLN’s anti-poverty initiatives have garnered it significant support; and Nicaragua’s overall economic performance, one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America over the past few years – even according to the CIA – has until now alleviated fiscal strains that such programs might otherwise cause.

NED, the Legal Window of the CIA

For 30 years, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been sub-contracting the legal part of illegal CIA operations. Without rousing suspicions, it has put in place the biggest network of corruption in the world, bribing trade unions and management syndicates , political parties both on both the Right and Left so that they defend the interests of the United States instead of their members.

I see that Democracy Now is actively propgandazing regime change… again. Chomksy, Graeber, and Goodman will burn in hell for supporting crimes against humanity.

The closest you came to giving recognition to the truth was crediting the piece as a ‘pretty good description of the situation.’ Despite that your commentary is strikingly similar to Trump’s Charlottesville line, ‘blame on BOTH sides’. How in the name of normality and decency can any sane person read the history of the Palestinian/Israel ‘conflict’ and not be blown away by the sheer depth and breadth of criminality that the Palestinian people have been subjected to.

You stated “The killings that took place once again are a reminder there is a need for peace.” The killings were cold blooded murders that happened during the protests which themselves are a reminder of the need for justice. Ironically, your last sentence: “Somehow all involved parties should be brought together to finally put an end to this horrible situation that has been going on much too long”, would also be very applicable if it were addressed to the two major parties in the US and their behavior over the past half century.

The role of the US and the failure of any peace process is as obvious as a solar eclipse. The documentary record on the middle east is not lacking, with Noam Chomsky alone a huge repository on the subject. And besides the printed material there’s the expediency of the digital age. The reality is out there to be known.

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“When will Israel recognize Palestines right to exist?”

When Hell freezes over.

Or, when the Duopoly finally implodes from the Peoples Revolution in the United States of America and all military and financial aid is cut off, and the newly formed Peoples Government of America issues a warning to Israel to cease and desist aggression against Palestinians or face total destruction.

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It is all Iran’s fault, according to leaflets dropped by Israel.

“Behind this agenda is Shia Iran, which has made it its mission to inflame tensions in the region for the sake of its religious and sectarian interests.”

I notice it says “Shia Iran” just to appeal more to the Sunni Muslims in a bigoted divide and rule attempt

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Hi Guild F 312s:

I think that Israel will figure this out when Netanyahu and his group are stuck somewhere in Gaza and they are not allowed to leave until Palestine is divided fairly. There is no democracy in the ME , so if Israel wants to be a theocracy, then the UN ( minus the peculiar Nikki) must make Israel sit down with the Palestinians and fairly work out this land division.

Secondly. Israel will no longer receive American money, and once the land is divided, then Israel, after 70 years of American money, is done as a receiver of this benefit. That money is then equally divided between Palestine and Puerto Rico, to bring both of those lands into the 21st century.
If American really was a democratic republic, this is what we would do. We are waiting America ---------who are you?

Many Palestinians in Israel are Israeli citizens. I believe over a million. They have their own towns. And they have representatives in the Knesset. However, I would call them second class citizens because they cannot serve in the military and they seem to be well less off then most Jews in Israel.

If you know the history going back further than 70 years, maybe almost a hundred years, then you know both sides have been engaged in massacres. But, both sides have been engaged in negotiations for a peace agreement several times so I am not saying anything new here. Just saying the peace process should be started again. While clearly Israel has killed more Palestinians than have the Palestinians killed Israeli Jews the Palestinians have carried out numerous terrorist attacks in Israel. And there have been many clashes between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank. It’s basically a war. A peace agreement is obviously necessary to end the conflict just as peace agreements ended the conflicts between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Jordan. I have no say about whether Israel should be a Jewish state or the Palestine should be an Islamic state. That’s for them to decide. My preference is to live in a secular state and the US is that. But I think the only solution for peace is the two-state solution and negotiations are needed to achieve it. The Palestinians have never had a country and if they can get a peace agreement they could at least finally have a country of their own.

All the the horrible things that have occurred are basically part what amount to a way between Israel and the Palestinians. Wars are generally ended through negotiations leading to a peace agreement. So far Israel has signed peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. I think the failure of Israel and the Palestinians to get a peace agreement is due in part to unwillingness to make difficult compromises, which is certainly understandable, and due to extremists on both sides who do not want a peace agreement but want all of the land for their side. Certainly blame in this case could be put on both sides. The UN did form Israel and Transjordan and both countries were recognized by most other countries. So should everyone follow the UN or should every country decide on its own which countries should exist and which shouldn’t? That seems to be a central issue here.

Also, I think that only Jews may serve as Prime Minister.

Hasn’t Egypt also locked the door and thrown away the key regarding their border with Gaza?
Why is this such a tiny part of the conversation?

Considering that Hamas has been “the sworn enemy of Israel for decades”, shouldn’t we call more on Egypt to step up to help with the humanitarian crisis?