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Three Next Steps in the Political Revolution


Three Next Steps in the Political Revolution

Larry Cohen

Bernie Sanders will campaign all the way up to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia to seek the nomination—and to continue building the “political revolution.”

What is that political revolution, beyond his call to get the billionaires and corporations out and the people in?

"Those of us who are working day and night to elect Bernie Sanders president are determined to sustain this movement beyond the moment."


A new party is truly needed as the Democratic party has ossified into an establishment tool for the elite. It only addresses social issues in order to buy votes. The revolution must be outside of the donkey. True progressives would willingly flee to a new and true party for progress.


" ... transforming the Democratic Party to a populist-based party by reforming its inner workings. "

Good luck with that. The drubbing Dukakis took as a result of his progressive positions is one of the reasons the party veered to the right. The core of the party remains very much anti-populist and far more interested in funding from big donors. The meritocracy is alive and well in the Democratic party. If Cohen truly wants the movement to survive, he should advise Sanders to look for a new home. Entrusting progressive ideals to the Democratic party is like sending your life savings to a radio evangelical.


If you're serious about maintaining your 'political revolution', then how is it that you completely omit all mention of Dr Jill Stein, the Green Party, or any of the other authentic progressive left movements such as the Black is Back Coalition? Beyond the obvious explanations of this being yet another party polemic, what gives?
The Sanders campaign has been a remarkable public relations success, generating tons of cash, particularly for the those consultants driving it, but what has it accomplished in the way of establishing or nurturing any actual infrastructure to challenge the status quo maintained the DNC, DCCC, et al? For all of the talk of 'grassroots' this has been a very much top down effort with 'grassroots' participation limited mostly to coughing up copious amounts of cash in $27 dollar increments.


A political revolution requires a crisis. There is no such crisis at the moment. Unemployment is around 5% having dropped from 10%. The US economy has been doing better than in the economies in other developed countries. The refugee crisis is affecting Europe but not the US. The US is not engaged in any ground war requiring large numbers of troops. Climate change is a crisis but it unfolds so slowly that it can't seem to cause a political revolution. Health care coverage is still a problem but millions of additional people now have coverage. Student debt is a big problem but unlikely to spark a political revolution. In any event, political revolution has to come from below and cannot be planned according to steps outlined by the leader of a labor union. Bernie Sanders has been calling for a political revolution for over 40 years. The fact the so many people still take him seriously is somewhat amazing.


No crisis? You must not be a person of color, nor one of the so called working class, nor a senior attempting to manage on a fixed income long ago rendered inadequate through inflation of currency. You must not be paying much attention to the US military adventures about the globe, for the suggestion that we have not large numbers of troops engaged in conflict is an utter and absolute absurdity. The ACA is beyond farce and has done little to alleviate our collective health care crisis that persists unabated, and to some extent amplified by its passage.
In short, what is amazing is you seriously thought anyone would buy any of what you're selling?


I too am interested in a third party. no way in hell do I support the democratic party. It gave up what was demo when the Clintons arrived on the scene and in terms of foreign policy, long before that. I hope Bernie helps forge that party with his database of millions of us who are ready to take it on. In the meantime, GO BERNIE GO. Just wrote him another check!


We had a crisis. We then elected a supposed liberal, progressive President who campaigned on hope and change. He told us then that there would be criminal charges for Bush administration torturers and fraudulent bankers. What did we get out of it? We got further entrenchment of the 1% in power. No criminal charges. Expanded drone warfare. Mandated payments to insurance companies or else.

That is our crisis now. The supposed party of the left had a chance to transform the country and punted away to the oligarchs. It must be fixed or replaced before further damage can be done.


Bernie also has those consultants helping him, and this time around they don't come cheap and somebody neglected to include the usual cap on consultant commissions in the contract. So, by all means, keep sending in those bucks.
For the record, those of us old time supporters of Sanders who looked forward to a real fight in the 2016 campaign remain profoundly disappointed to witness the inept farse that transpired. More than anything the consultants seem to have been preoccupied with protecting brand DNC/Obama than anything else.
They reign Bernie in, for all practical purposes they ceded the advantage to Hillary early on with a tepid, embarrassing campaign. It raises many questions that blurry-eyed Sandernistas are afraid to ask.


Are you currently taking an anti-depressant drug?

Honestly. You play down absolute calamities with this calm adroitness that treats them as tangential items... not lethal challenges to life as we know it.

THAT'S what's amazing.

The grip of the powerful few over the many has been History's recurrent theme since the onset of patriarchy. It established dominant baboon style hierarchies... be these led by a pharaoh, king, tyrant, dictator, czar, president, or prime minister.

The problem of a citizenry wresting controls away from the elite few is an ONGOING revolution. And Sanders unlike your idol, Hillary, speaks to this issue and its relevance to today's politics, economics, culture, and social system.


Criticizing Obama would have doomed Sanders' campaign early on. Once Sanders decided to run in the Democratic Party, the ability to harshly criticize Obama was taken away. The President is very popular with party members. There is a reasons that Hillary deflects all criticism of herself as "OMG! That's criticizing Obama!" and that it works for her. Obama can do no wrong for some.

Sanders had a difficult enough time getting MSM attention and him message out. If he had come out swinging against Obama and the DNC, he would have been labeled by the MSM as the anti-Obama fringe and his actual positions would not have even gotten the meager attention that they received. There's no way he would have made it as far as he has.


I don't recall him TELLING us this. There were IMPLICATIONS that Obama's administration would correct the wrongs, trespasses, illegalities, and wars of the Bush Administration while closing Guantanamo.

I think it was the poster RayDelcamino who LONG ago made the critical point that so long as there was an intransigent Republican Congress, Obama could continue to govern to the right of center using the pretext that he had no congressional support for anything else.

Many of us were profoundly disappointed by Obama's continuation (and drone war expansion) of existing war fronts, his relative tap on the wrist to big bankers, his pimping for TIPP and TPP, and his traction in not closing Guantanamo.

Probably most disappointed of all are the individuals who handed the Nobel Peace Prize to this President before having him EARN it through genuine deeds and a less than tyrannical foreign policy of absolute destruction and utter despair cast far and wide.

There is no question that Obama betrayed most who voted for him; but it provides no service to Truth if his actual statements are misrepresented.


I think this movement should include international outreach and here's why:

  1. Many policies that solidify inside the U.S. end up exported all over the world
  2. Up until the Bush Junta, U.N and U.S. forces closely monitored elections in "emerging democracies." (Of course that didn't include the CIA going in to prematurely rid a variety of nations of their leaders so that individuals more amenable to Pax Americana and the WTO could take their places).

Many people are oblivious to what the Page and Gilens Study, added to Citizens United prove. They essentially make voters/citizens invisible.

Add the implications of the above to the obvious controls placed on the current election process, and what it should say to the world is that U.S. citizens are as much under Occupation as are the citizens in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The major difference is drones are not used inside the Homeland and the illusion of plenitude still exists.

A majority of citizens back Bernie Sanders. But the machinations of the corporate media, the deceptive vote counts (in N.Y. and Arizona, that we know of), and the Democracy-denying super-delegate numbers all foreclose on the WILL of the governed to, in its place, institute that candidate who will be most deferential to Big Business Interests and the War Department.

The rest if Hollywood, smoke and mirrors, and Vichy style democracy. In other words, a FRAUD.

The more people who speak out--and better yet, share this experience on a global basis through the Internet--the faster it will be universally recognized that the U.S. has CEASED to be a Democracy.

What is done by elites does not comport with the will of the governed.

Heck, with monstrosities like Monsanto deciding what the public can and will eat and what they will know about what they are eating, while all manner of deregulation SERIOUSLY impairs the health and safety of community after community...

As the song goes, "This is not America." Not the nation I was born to!

A deep state has engineered a silent coup and those who run things could care less about the safety, health, or security of those inside "the Homeland."


Obama's RealClearPolitics polling average among Democrats is 86.7% approval. Yes, party members are a minority of the total electorate. That's beside the point. Sanders chose to run within the Democrat Party.That meant he had to win the support of the people in the party. It would have been insanity to run hard against Obama when you're trying to get support from Democrats. It would be like a Republican running hard against Reagan insanity.


Monsanto is using its political muscle to poison the world. The weapons' contractors, big banks, big pharma, even big media are all in on the great New World Order Game sold to former citizens of Democratic Republics as a grand ole' trade deal or two or three. Plus war, unending! And citizenship within All-Surveillance, All-the-time states. What fun for all!


The only way Bernie continues to the White House is joining Jill Stein of the Green Party. She has offered a meeting to discuss working together and in an interview said she would be open to all option, including her running for VP with Sanders as the presidential nominee. Has he called? What is the downside of calling? Even if Sanders opts to try to change the Dems from within and not run, talking to Stein would send a message to the Dems that he has options and they better treat him fairly and respect his supporters. But, he could win a three-way race against the two most unpopular nominees from the two parties ever. He could end up in the White House. And, he would take votes from Trump, especially Dems who will not vote for Hillary and independents (half the US voters for the first time ever) who could vote for Trump or him. Sanders not running may actually help Trump defeat Hillary. This is not 2000, things are very different in 2016, Sanders may make the mistake of fighting the last electoral war, not the current one.


27 bucks and robotic cheering.


And what would that course be? Just ask'n, mind you.


I say Sanders should privately issue some real demands now from Clinton, real demands and if in agreement, she must vocalize her intentions to see them through. If she balks, go independent. Otherwise, any leverage now will be lost.

Cut your losses now. Take your momentum, go independent, and make it into the debates.

Just my take.


And another "new" screen name appears to side with the Captured Media chorus. What a coincidence!