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Three of America's 'Great Satans' Dead


Three of America's 'Great Satans' Dead

Eric Margolis

The deaths in South Asia of three of the West’s ‘Great Satans’ were announced in recent weeks: Mullah Omar and Jalaluddin Haqqani in Afghanistan; and Pakistan’s Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul.

I never met Mullah Omar though I was present at the birth and expansion of his movement, Taliban.

Mullah Omar was a renowned combat veteran of the 1980’s great jihad against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. In 1989, the Soviets wisely withdrew. Afghanistan was convulsed by civil war between the eleven mujahidin factions, many of whom were supported by CIA through Pakistani intelligence.


"Taliban offered to turn Bin Laden over if the U.S. produced evidence of his guilt in the 9/11 attacks. But no such evidence was ever produced."

True, but there is overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan; at the very least, the American public were lied to and not told the truth of what really happened on 9/11. The evil people that are responsible and guilty for the 3,000 deaths of innocent Americans and so many more in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be brought to justice. And who they are we will probably never know. But one clue; Cui Bono?


I agree with Mr. Margolis on many points. The clueless U.S. administrations have funded Pakistan with billions of dollars to "fight" Al Quida and the taliban, when they are clearly major supporters of both. Kind of like paying the Godfather to fight the Mafia.

I disagree with his characterization of the taliban though. The come across as some sort of cross between the Boy Scouts and the Guardian Angels in this article. In reality their crimes against civilians and women in particular are well known, and their barbaric laws are available for review by anyone that would bother to look. Guess that is why surveys of the Afghan population shows that the vast majority are against their return to power. My guess is they will return to power anyway, some time in the next three or four years. Too bad.


While the American Satans paint in the bathtub, shoot friends in the face and play golf with the bank deregulator.


Three little "satans" gone--but the Great Satan is still bombing the crap out of people.


Agreed something seems to have broken. Or perhaps it's always been a mess

I, too, would label as terrorists --and pseudo-religious psychopaths-- any group that burns children and women teachers alive.


I dont much like religious fanatics either, and you are not the first to use such labels against anyone you dont like.


Gee, I'd think you wouldn't like children- and teacher-burners either.


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He is a real nowhere man, making all his nowhere plans bombing innocent people in nowhere lands. With apologies to the Beatles.


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Who's dead? Could it beeee


The course of US policy is slightly changed from before. Apparently, relentless war is the actual motto of this day. The vast joblessness, homelessness and student loan debt discourages many to join the colleges or further the education so instead a large section is joining the army for living. Down in severely poverty stricken south, that later action is highly prominent. Additionally, many are attempting to join the mercenery forces. Their recruitment is seriously high. It's a good business. Trump's vile oratory might help that recruiting process. Obviously, in no way it could be the long term policy of a country like US. But presumably none of the current politicians does not show any good will or farsight towrd this nation. They are becoming more greedy than a bunch of hungry wolves. These white rulers also don't want to change their aggressive course by accepting the fact that this planet is changed. They need to come the senses that internal fiscal crisis is severe at this point. In future no 9/11 like incidents won't divert the attention of the people any more. It's a matter of bread and butter. Everything falls apart without it. But these egomaniacs couldn't understand. They live in a different world.