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Three Questions That Didn't Get Asked During the Presidential Debates (and Probably Never Will)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/02/three-questions-didnt-get-asked-during-presidential-debates-and-probably-never-will

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To me, the fundamental, unasked question is: Why is the U.S. spending its national treasure on death -funding wars, drone bombing, nuclear stockpiles and military bases all over the world, instead of spending it on life: transitioning to a green economy, repairing its infrastructure, solving the homeless problem, and providing quality education and healthcare to all?


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Because it is, as are so many are, run by a patriarchal death cult. I like questions, but for this, I am past asking questions, let’s skip to the answers.

the question i’d most like to be asked unsurprisingly wasn’t even brought up by this article, no doubt because it exposes just how fundamentally dishonest and controlled the american establishment is, and how fundamentally controlled and ignorant the american public is. that question would be something like this:

given the overwhelming evidence unearthed by 9/11 truthers like architects and engineers for 9/11 truth that the official narrative is false and that this ‘terrorist’ attack was an ‘inside job’ perpetrated to advance a hidden deep state agenda (i.e. more imperialist wars and domestic surveillance state) (much like the jfk assassination and other deep state actions of the past), what do plan to do to about it?

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Trump would ignore the question and brag instead about the billions of dollars in WMDs he’s sold to the Saudis, and Biden would say he’d look into establishing another Potemkin Village-style commission.

The sad truth is that humans are, on average, incapable of wisely running their affairs.

Ming the Merciless doesn’t look all that bad these days . . . .

The answer to your question is too depressing to discuss any further than has already been done.

None of the ptb are interested in answers that don’t involve greatly enhancing ptb wealth, power, and control over over everything.

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