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Three Reasons a New President Won't Help America. One Way She or He Could


Three Reasons a New President Won't Help America. One Way She or He Could.

Paul Buchheit

There are at least three major American failures that are too entrenched in our society to undergo change with anything less than an FDR-type effort.

Corporations Continue to Ignore Their Responsibility to Education


While I think a Guaranteed Income a good idea it is fraught with danger. In China it is being reported that the Government plans to use Social media and gaming theory to tie benefits received by the state to a Citizen being deemed a “good Citizen”. In the USA much the same goes on with Legislators pushing drug testing and the like in order to receive State benefits. There also a move to charge a person for things like their own incarceration.

Such an income must come with NO strings attached. It also has to remain out of the reach of Bankers and debt collectors or these groups will develop schemes to get a hold of it and adding it to their own income stream. I suspect there might be more than a few Corporations that would support such and idea as they would try and get their hands on that income for their own benefit.

As example. In debt to a payday loan company? Well they can not go after your GNI. If you have no money outside your GNI they get nothing.


This campaign season (after the election it will likely be a different story,) politicians are championing government-subsidized training programs in partnership with large employers. As an example, a large hospital in our state offers training programs with guaranteed employment after you pass.

The problem with this is these programs are intensive, they require relocation, and they do often do not allow the trainee to be otherwise employed during the training period. So candidates for those training programs are afraid of either quitting their jobs and not being accepted for the program, or waiting to be accepted and quitting on short notice, with the very common risk of deciding, during training, that it isn’t right for them.

I tried applying a couple of times, but could not do it, because it would mean having to be homeless during the training, and they would not allow that. The people who typically benefit from these programs are people whose spouses make enough money to support them and they are not in financial need to begin with, or people fresh from college still living with their parents. Very little of this training helps people who are stuck in lousy jobs and who have the aptitude for something better but have so far missed out because traditional education, even higher education, is not geared toward the specifics of the work to be trained for.

Yet that is one of the two main reasons why advocates say we need these programs.


Although I agree with Paul that we do need an “FDR-type effort”, the Clintons have spent the past three decades dismantling what FDR did and if they are let back into the White House will actively destroy what little remains of FDR’s legacy.

If Trump or Johnson is elected he will be more like Saint Ronny and cover up their Alzheimers while they let the right wingers do what they want.

Jill Stein is the only POTUS candidate likely to even consider an “FDR-type effort”.


Underlying many, if not most, of our problems is the high degree of inequality that now characterizes our society. The election of Trump could so “shake up” our (alleged) “leaders” that they will then begin to fix that fundamental problem. I wouldn’t BET on this, though!


It’s a pretty noble goal, but that would disqualify anyone who is solely on a GMI from any type of credit, incl credit cards, vehicle loan, appliances etc. While it would force the person to live within their means, I don’t think that’s what you envisioned.


No , it would not do so over what they have today.


What i see happening is those people are gonna turn to unregulated underground moneylenders. The kind that send people with baseball bats if you run behind on your payments. You know, the mob… whether that is better than what we have today is debatable.


How is that different then today when people need money and do not have any?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for a GMI. It would keep lot of people out of the work force who should not be there in the first place, just making life miserable for their coworkers. I wouldn’t even mind paying extra taxes ti keep some of the major whiners out of the office.

My point was, at some point they’ll need some kind of credit (vehicle, mortgage, furniture etc). And with virtually nil collateral (remember the GMI is “out of reach for bankers”) nobody is gonna lend them a dime.


In 2014 Larry Wittner
reviewed international comparisons in education, health, and child
poverty and found that: (1) For education, according to a Program for
International Student Assessment of 65 countries, 15-year-olds in the
U.S. ranked 17th in reading and 21st in math; (2) For healthcare
(including infant mortality and life expectancy), the Commonwealth Fund
concluded that the U.S. was LAST among 11 advanced industrial countries,
while the World Health Organization judged the U.S. healthcare system
30th in the world; and (3) For child poverty, a UN study of 35
economically advanced countries found the U.S. second to last.

Ah, but the USA has created the most bomb craters since World War 2. The USA is certainly exceptional.


Excuse me. People today do not have a GNI. Many do not have money. One more time how is this going to make it different. If they will not lend today when there no income they will not lend the day after GNI.


That is not entirely accurate. They do lend today. How do you think we got ourselves in the housing bubble and the great recession? Every Tom, Dick and Harry who should not have gotten a loan got one. Each lender should have to guarantee their own loans. That would take care of most of the prolems we have today.

Also, true we do not have a GNI today but there are several other programs like food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing etc. A GNI would simply replace those with check handed out to everyone. Some personal responsibility is gonna be required so that might bean issue with some people.