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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


I agree- it’s getting too easy out there.


Venezuela has been going down hill for some time…the unrest is the result of the long time decline. If you hate the US so much, why are you still here? Why have you not relocated to someplace that suits you better??
Where is you back up for you comment about the CIA? Where is you backup about the other forces?


Have you been living under a rock?


Yes, many people have bought into the Disneyesque versio of the US. I think personally that we need a system of national service where everyone participates in taking care of the planet and the country not the money. People who are able to participate physically and mentally can contribute on a monthly basis to doing some type of service in their own community. I have been writing state gov and fed about this for years. We need SOMETHING meaningful that unites us - not Wal Mart of the Kardashians. In the mean time, continue to do meaningful work for others in your own communities.


Yes, the MIC and the financial and political institutions that back it.


Why don’t you go there and tell us about it?


Grass is always greener mentality.


It’s over??? Gee, you must have a terrible life


Except, of course, in most of the civilized world, including most of Europe and Scandinavia. I doubt you really even know what socialism is. Too many equate it with government control and communism, and it really has nothing to do with either of those concepts.

Our highways and roads are a form of socialism – are you proposing that everyone should individually decide whether to pave the street in front of their house and individually bear that cost? I doubt it.

The real question that should be asked in matters that have broad social impacts is “What is the most cost-effective way to achieve our collective objectives?” If it’s about getting a pizza to eat, it’s hard to make the case that one should socialize the process. If it’s about deciding whether someone can get anything to eat, it’s a wholly different question and some amount of social support is called for.

If it’s something much more important, like healthcare, then it’s about making sure no one slips through the cracks, especially when the non-socialist alternatives are as inefficient and more costly as they are and which lack any rules to assure that no one falls through the cracks.

So, when you blithely assert that socialism has never worked well, you need to put this through the prism of “as compare to what?” When you do that, you find it’s not about labeling something as “socialist” or “capitalist” but, rather, about what yields the greatest benefit to society for the cost incurred.


How about living in the present?


Who said it was over? I’m just posing a framework for understanding what’s going on.


David Koch is that you? It sure sounds like you.


I would like to thank the real one per cent- the members of the military for their service. I would also like to thank the surviving veterans of all of the wars. Veterans Day should be honored much more than one day a year, and not with sales and days off. Thank you all.


Exactly and social security, medicare, medicare, welfare are all some type of socialism which is why the rethugs hate them so much.


When you can’t backup you statements, you attack! So typical…


great reporting jake johnson, but, but, but

i’m sure many of us would like names - actual names - yes, it’s available in forbes, but so what? cd should publish a version of this list.

these people remain faceless and nameless, and in the interests of open and transparent reporting perhaps it behooves cd to put the names out for readers to see.


Tax reform that borrows money from working people and hands it directly to the top is a new economic system that has not yet been described adequately.


The rich people are busy now doing the best they can to reduce the population of the working people. They fear we are about to get our guns and come after the greedy bastards. Why do you think there is all the push to take away our guns? So we don’t get mad and shoot the very wealthy and while we are at it we may want to clean out the halls and lobbies in the District of Criminals.

Have you heard about Agenda 21? It is an international plan to limit the space where people can live. They want to crowd us into smaller areas to keep us under closer control. They don’t want us to spread out and be independent.

These wars are a great way to reduce the population. The rich don’t let their kids join the army. Our working class get killed while they kill the workers in other nations. Time for us to wise up and push back!


Good way of putting it Garrett !

In watching the comments pour in - in trying to think of some rational way of addressing the headline of this thread - I a left aghast - discombobulated.

In my mind’s eye - it is the top of a ballistic trajectory - the imploding core collapse of a star about to supernova - the Larsen B Ice Shelf undergoing sudden disintegration - or rather the moments just before - the petri dish half-full, and the next double - full - and massive death…

For virtually all of our history, we were egalitarian - we are hardwired that way.

This staggering inequality affects everyone adversely - from Bill Gates to me - just in different ways.

It is surreal - but soon - perhaps a nightmare come true.

And yet - I retain hope for the future - not because I can see the way forward - which I most certainly cannot - but because I have faith in myself, and by extension, in others of my species.

We are better than all this - just really really scared - and we do not understand this new order - nobody does - as you point out.

What is left is faith in oneself and in others.

It will be enough, I think.


Or… if you like capitalism… you can give it to the rich.