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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


I’d love to see all the guns in the hands of non-military be confiscated and turned into refrigerators or car wheels or maybe aircraft engines. I don’t want to be shot dead in the grocery store, W-M, church, or on the street. Not anywhere. Too many goof-offs shoot ppl “accidentally” or in a rage, or just because.
If the govt comes after you, not unheard of in some countries, then your gun won’t be much use in the face of tanks and such.
Agenda 21 is a scare device and it’s got you going all right.
You are right that the rich don’t let their kids join the army. They value a good education instead so their kids can have good jobs and be of constructive use to society, instead of a burden. And the smarter some are the more ways they have of getting our money into their pockets, if they are of that instinct.
I know plenty of young people whose parents supported their education and who went on to become people who count and who could be counted on. They do the work of the nation, in medicine, law, teaching, govt. accounting, research, military and space programs. And child care, nursing, road building, architecture, lumbering, mining. ON and on, So many fields. Whether they accumulate filthy riches or not, they are a credit to the nation.
People who won’t even bother to learn to read will end up however they can manage. May not even be good enough to be cannon fodder. And certainly will need all sorts of social services over a lifetime.
You want to push back, you’d better know the motives of your leaders, the reason you fight against the govt and the people, and how much you are willing to sacrifice for your anger and to the chaos you seek.


I lived in your “best economy” back before Chavez. The poverty and misery I saw outside of a few affluent urban enclaves was unbelievable. I was greatly improved since then.

And the great majority of Venezuelans economic troubles are due to the sabotage of the economy by powerful capitalist business interests who are able to do so because they still own all the economic resources - and particularly the right-wing propaganda machine of the Venezuelan media. What “socialist” country would resemble that?


Outstanding comment: factual, unassailable, rational, informative and well-stated. Thank you.


I completely disagree with you regarding military veterans. The US military is nothing but a strong arm organization doing the bidding of the oligarch 1%ers and their ongoing plans to pillage everything they can around the world. United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler told everyone this truth in his War Is a Racket book. He knew firsthand what the military was all about and shared it openly. Too bad the mythos of the military and its veterans making us free is still believed in this day and age. That said, I have compassion for those who were drafted and those who sign up believing they are bringing freedom to the USA. But I harbor no illusions about how wrong they are in that regard. They have actually made the world more dangerous and less safe and less free because of their actions while serving on behalf of the oligarchs. War and the military is all about profiteering for the 1%.
I have the highest regard for those who have served and speak out about how they were duped and used by the a$$hole politicians and oligarchs. And how we need to stop using the military in such a manner. Defending the USA at home is one thing, but that is not what the military does now. I am truly sorry for all the suffering the veterans have endured because of the monsters that send them to war.


this vet thinks you should f*** off. your thanks are worthless and hollow.

so keep your platitudes to yourself or put up and stop letting my brother and sister veterans suffer for your politics.


That’s what you said, not I. I’ve never met a person who has money that did not work for it. I’ve never had a job from a poor person. Try working 60 or more hours a week to achieve something and you might have more than you have now.


“unfair economic policies that benefit those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom”
Policies brought to us by our elected officials who no longer work for the people; Policies which allow the stealing of the money that is not taxed when placed in off-shore tax havens; Policies that are soon to be voted on by the current thieves to steal even more money from the commons for the “tax relief” of the 1%.


No it’s not, why do you ask?


I wish I could have liked your comment a hundred times.


Yeah, life at hard labor might work. 25 or 30 years cleaning toilets and mopping up vomit might change even a billionaire’s outlook on life. Cleaning septic tanks would be a good assignment as well, but none of this using all these modern kickshaws like power vacuums and rotary brushes. Let them learn to do it the way the poor do, with hand brushes and scrapers, rinsed with buckets carried from a fairly distant tap.
*If these 400 billionaires and trillionaires were to spend their lives living this life and eating in a prison mess hall with the same slum the poor get, they might become role models to the youth of the nation as to what to avoid doing, and the wages thereof if you do.


The Nordic Economic Model has served those societies well. Read up.

Try to find a Swede, a Finn, a Dane, Norwegian, or citizen of Iceland who would want to give up their relatively stress free lifestyle (concerning important matters such as health, well being, time off, cost of living, etc) in exchange for the meat grinder existence for more and more US citizens who are one job loss, or major illness from living on the streets.

That’s free dumb.


YEP: America’s job is death.


Excellent post. Articulate, impassioned, right on point. For twenty years, I’ve worked with returnees from deployments, back as far as WWII. To witness the twisting of humanity, our innate hardwiring, in each person to program him/her into almost an automaton who perceives much of the world as “other which must be vanquished to save our country” is heartbreaking. Their anguish is unspeakable when they realize they’ve been had and recruitment and VA promises are empty. Compound that with the killing and witnessing of grisly violence that results in spirit-breaking PTSD, guilt, and horrid emotional isolation…nobility of service? Like hell.

Those f’n capitalists want war? Take their own kids and their own lard asses to battle fronts. Feh! What a dreadful group of puppeteers. I hope there IS a Hell.


…it didn’t used to be this way, as your name implies, you remember…


uuummm the line truly reads…"…hey, you’re rich…"


lord, I loved that album back in the day.

Robbie gets an auto like.


lord I love this album today :slight_smile:


I need to replace that sucker first! I had it on cassette, and then for years, it was nearly impossible to get digitally for rights reasons.

apparently I need to look again, eh? :slight_smile: take care, brother Ditton.


take care bro…


Stop being slaves and be owners! The people of this country own the land,air, water ,and natural resources ,and those who profit from this country should pay a dividend to the owners. Apple should pay a dividend to the people of this country,Walmart should be paying a dividend to all the people,the Kock industries should be paying a dividend to all the people of this country. Nestle water should be paying a dividend to all the people. And the owners need to understand the importance of conserving these natural resources. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!