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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


I will always fail to understand how the so- called “highly intelligent and enlightened species” that humans insist we are, allows this imbalance to happen. The majority have allowed the tiny gluttonous minority to steal all the money. There is a failure to communicate, cooperate and ban together to take the money back and distribute it where it belongs - to everyone! With few exceptions, we ALL work hard to survive in one way or another and deserve to live well. There is something oddly wrong in the human DNA that allows this to happen in country after country and generation after generation. We, as a species, have a lot of work to do to become an “intelligent and enlightened species” or we will cease to be a species altogether.


Thanks for the great response to JonZ. I can’t help but laugh at these Libertarian trolls. Do they really think they can change our minds with fact-free propaganda gleaned from far-right organisations?


It is true that they have taken some steps backwards since the Center-Right took over the government. That’s democracy for you. Some times people make bad choices - and go with right wing hucksters. But democracy tends to move things forward in the long run if it is exercised by an educated population in a fair and transparent manner.


You notice that when the economy started tanking for many americans, the states brought in the lotteries and legalized gambling. What game is our own government playing on us and what kind of deceptions are the breeding - which so many of us go along with?


The super rich and powerful have figured out ways to divide all of us. I.E. - all black men are criminals and all white men are racists. Our president is very good at this kind of thing - especially with immigrants from Mexico and Central America.


Successful? An economy founded on slavery and stealing land from native peoples of all kinds? Aggressive wars responsible for the deaths of untold millions? Continuing endless wars based on outright lies and false flags events of all kinds? Regime changes of democratically elected governments with mass murders as a result? This is what we are and where capitalism leads whether it is this empire or earlier empires and one thing all empires have in common is that ultimately they fall. Refusal to recognize the inherent flaws in a system and especially this system which is now nothing more than governance by multi-national corporations all in the name of capitalism will be a disaster.

Incidentally, the reason you are sitting here now has more to do with the success of joint, mutual effort than capitalism. After all the human species as we are now has been here for around 200,000 years and for most of that time it was joint social effort than enabled us to survive not private ownership.


Thank you. One of the best posts ever in response to JonZ’s nonsense. Imagine that, humans surviving for hundreds of thousands of years without a hint of capitalism. And now look at the destruction wrought upon the earth and humanity by capitalism in just a couple hundred years. Some people just can see the forest for the trees. Such blindness will kill us all.


Let’s not forget the Koch Brothers capabilities of refining that Venezuelan heavy crude. Let’s see, what’s the order? First, start phony uprisings, then slap sanctions, and then, like Trump did, threaten Venezuela with military action. Voila! Hm…I can’t think of any successful Libertarian utopias where JonZ could move to, can you?


When did the rich getting richer ever lead to everyone else receiving higher wages?
Wages for Labor has stagnated for too many years now
However, the rich has continued to get richer.
You’ve been lied to by the rich asses you’ve been kissing up to.


You haven’t backed any of your attacks with actual facts.
I’m not talking about the propaganda that you’ve been linking to.


Your internet is far more controlled by your ISP than you realize.
Sure the gov’t may not by controlling your internet access but the corporations are.
And you already gave your rights away on that.
Where’s that freedom and freemarket capitalism you were talking about?
Its not here anymore.


Boycott & economic sabotage has hurt Venezuela. Unlike Denmark, emerging Socialism in Latin America has a long miserble history of Neoliberalism & horrific colonial exploitation.


So do you trust the government??


Uhm…wages have stagnated, especially under Obama…If there were not so much unemployment, employers would have to pay more to get help…supply and demand. Simple economics. BTW, I don’t kiss anybody’s ass, including yours.


I’ve not attacked anyone, unlike the folks here.


Who was in control of of the house and senate when Obama was president?
Oh it was the republicans. You really need to learn how this world really works.
You’d like to think others are attacking you in order pretend your a victim.
You’ve accomplished nothing here other than proving your ignorance and how beholden to the same conservative propaganda that is bamboozling the common US citizens into giving up their rights and freedoms just to make a few rich men even richer. Meanwhile everyone else is languishing.
The majority of people here at CD are smarter and way far more informed than you are.


From my story, chapter nine;

“Is armageddon causing this raging madness ringing around me?” The president wondered with the crystal clear thoughts of Earth’s most popular leader. “What is the world needing me to do so it can be great again?”

The president desperately wanted to catch up with the Coke sisters and Iron Kurtaine, founder of macrogroove. Those three owned as much as the bottom half of us. The president wanted to be ahead of at least one of them, all three as soon as possible. He knew that if he could figure out how to make the world great again, he should and would be properly rewarded. That much was clear. Things got hazy after that.


Oh so you think more people should be unemployed. How do you think those people should eat and have a roof over their head, since you want them to be unemployed in order to keep wages low? If that ain’t kissing rich man ass… And you say you don’t kiss rich man ass. You’re a liar. You might fool yourself and obviously its not hard for you to bee fooled. But you’re not fooling me.


No one has attacked you. They have only called you out on your nonsensical posts which amount to attacks on this site by you. Now let’s all have a moment of silence for the poor little victim JonZ.


Right, because Obama was the 3rd and 4th term of George W. Bush. He pursued the same Neo-Liberal policies that have been in vogue since the days of Reagan and Thatcher as did all his predecessors, Republican and Democrat, since then.

He had an opportunity in 2009 to actually do a New New Deal and he chose instead to do Neo-Liberal market based policies and then quickly switched to wanting to cut the deficit.

So, don’t buy into the right wing nonsense that Obama was on the left. He was right of center on economics and a full throttled advocate of the American Imperial Project.