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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


Not true…been called names, questioned my intelligence…etc.


Gotta love liberal socialist…freedom of speech is important, as long as you share the same opinion…


I never said more people should be unemployed…stop putting words in my mouth. BTW, I don’t lie. Why don’t you try working 50 or 60 hours a week to get ahead in life…you’ll be happy with the results.


Uhmm, the democrats were in control the first couple years…go back and check.


And they still pressure the GOP for greater tax concessions, and they are getting them


You are the one who is trolling a progressive website with your libertarian nonsense. No one here believes your nonsense and have told you so clearly and to the point. If you choose to stay here spewing your nonsense so be it, but be prepared to be called out for what you are, you little troll you. People on this site have the freedom of speech to call you out and are doing so. Okay now everyone, let’s all have a good laugh at JonZ and his idiotic nonsense.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…
And as far as your nonsense about people needing to try working 50 or 60 hours per week, being happy working their fingers to the bone, well that just goes to show all of us just how disconnected you are from reality. Plenty of people work those hours and more and cannot get ahead in a system that is designed to enslave them with unlivable wages. They cannot get ahead as you so ignorantly put it. You clearly live in a hermetically sealed bubble and refuse to acknowledge such suffering of those that is by design. Libertarians have no sense of compassion.
Once again everyone, let’s all give JonZ a good dose of laughter at his nonsensical postings and beliefs.
Ha, ha, ha, ha…


No one is trolling…just saw a topic with which I disagree, so laugh all you want. You can even come see me for lunch, I’ll throw a burger on the grill. And you can laugh at that too…Compassion, I’ll put my charitable record against your any day.


Someone who has real compassion does not essentially blame people for not getting ahead when they work 50 to 60 hours a week in a system that will not let them. That is not compassion. Charity is no indicator of compassion either. Again I ask why you waste your time on a progressive website extolling non progressive views? No one agrees with you here. You have no progressive views in this subject. But you just keep on posting on and on for whatever reason. That is what trolls do. A troll is what you are. And the appropriate response to a troll is ridicule.


Gotcha…no opinion by what you believe. No room for anything else. So much for tolerance and freedom of speech. And you certainly are so welcoming! Just amazing, call names, ridicule, belittle. Says a lot about who you are, I guess.
But you’re still welcome to come for a burger. :smile:


Oh go cluck yourself.


“I’ve never met a person who has money that did not work for it.”

Well, how about The Donald for starters. He inherited shitloads of money from daddy then invested it, stiffing creditors and workers all along the way. Sure, he’s made money but he damned sure hasn’t worked for it. Moving right along how about the Walton heirs, the Bu$h crime family, the DuPont heirs, et al? Do you truly believe they have worked for the wealth they have? If you do you are truly a dupe.


” But democracy tends to move things forward in the long run if it is exercised by an educated population in a fair and transparent manner.”

Hummm…I wonder if this could be the reason both the establishment democrats and repukes have been trying to privatize education along with slashing funding for public education and state universities. Let’s not forget the deregulation of tuition costs for state universities also which has led to tuition cost increases of over 300% during the past two decades making higher education cost prohibitive for many people and leaving many more indebted by student loans.

Dpearl, I’m not disagreeing with your comment by any means and in fact agree with you. The point I’m trying to make is the ruling class is seemingly trying to make a good education very difficult to obtain due to the fact that an educated population is much more difficult to con thereby making their hold on power much weaker. One more point I’d like to make…have you noticed how civics/political science curriculums have been disappearing from the requirements for graduation from public schools? A democratic form of government cannot exist without the participation of the governed but how can someone who doesn’t understand how their government is established, the rules/laws that regulate what the government is required to do FOR it’s citizens, and what the functions and responsibilities of the various branches of government are supposed to accomplish participate in their governance?


There is nothing that is substantially new to me in the article. However, I had expected to see the net worth of all Americans versus that of the subtotals of those three richest Americans. But, then again, I suppose the article’s (“nameless” and presumptuous) author just didn’t think the readers cared about such details. He figured that they would go click, react and many would comment, regardless of not being provided the raison d’etre for the article itself. And, wouldn’t you know it, ironically, he was correct. I bet it would have been different if the article was about the three [place superlative here] movie stars, sports star, or other celebrity. Oh well, so much for testing knee-jerk reactions!


I’m not sure what you are referring to. This Common Dreams article was written by Jake Johnson - one of the CD staff who writes these kinds of quick summaries of things that the progressive community might be interested in. The article links to the study being discussed where you can find all of the details you asked about (it’s at https://inequality.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/BILLIONAIRE-BONANZA-2017-Embargoed.pdf).


Very true - that the arts, humanities, and social sciences are starved for funding in the U.S. education system and that is a very important aspect of the kind of education we need for a functioning democracy.


It depends on how you define “giving”. According to this article in the Guardian

The US comes in 6th.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the UN stats are for government giving only.


@JonZ had made a comment about U.S. giving to people in other countries and we actually fair poorly in that regard relative to GDP as I said. That is regardless of whether you only consider Government giving or include individual giving. The data you mention - coming from Gallup’s international polling talks about individual charitable acts which mostly includes those involving responding to local/national needs. Yes - Americans are quite generous on that score (many surveys and studies show that). My feeling is that would be expected since we do not have as much of a governmental safety net as other wealthy countries and so private citizens chip in to pick up the slack.


Well, guess I’ve officially been welcomed to the socialist gutter…thanks! So much class!!


So go earn a bunch and leave it to your kids!
I’m sure all people with money are criminal and either inherit or steal the money. Yea, that’s it.
What about Obama…came into the Whitehouse with little and left a millionaire?
What about Sanders, 3 houses, fancy cars, on less than $200,000 a year?
Now those are a couple that didn’t earn a penny!


So while the Kochs and Mercers and other billionaires are busy using their obscene wealth to destroy democracy in pursuit of fascism and plutocracy, Gates, Bezos and Buffet sit back and do nothing to counter their influence. What little good that comes from their small efforts to support various causes is dwarfed by their enabling massive destruction caused by the right wing oligarchs.