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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


No attack just a friendly reminder that you are posting on a progressive forum with “typical right wing proven wrong ages ago BS”, and you are MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF!


You do realize that the Nordic Economic Model does not equate to anti-Capitalism right? Or are you that clucking ignorant? No need to answer that question, it was rhetorical.


Maybe if the USA helped instead of planning to kill their leaders and undermine their economy it might be different.


Yea, like we’ve been working with and negotiating with N. Korea for how many years? Signed a big ‘deal’ with Iran? Etc. All have helped. There are evil people in the world that want to kill us. Shall we just let them do that?


Never said that…are you that ignorant?


You didn’t equate my arguments in favor of the Nordic Economic Model to “the socialist gutter”? If you don’t want to sound like a right wing ignoramus, then don’t argue like one.


When you can’t win on facts, do a personal attack…Such a person of character and class!


If we are going to remain capitalist at least let us regulate the shit out of it.


Oh stop your right wing whining. Stop playing the victim. It’s always right wingers coming in and trolling threads making personal attacks that then complain about personal attacks being returned. But then right wingers always have a problem being consistent on principle.

You are winning on facts? Spouting right wing talking points? Since when have such been rooted in fact?


I never said I was a victim. I work for a living and don’t expect handouts from anyone, especially the rich, as you do. Why do you expect to be given something you have not earned?


Don’t forget the DNC leaks, the WaPo/Bezos coordinated with them and HFA to frame the entire primary and basically be one big editorial for Hill and the DNC on thru the general and now they are the mouthpiece of the contrived “russiagate” and are downplaying all the crimes of the past 8 years that have been coming to light.


Where the fuck have I said that I expect handouts you idiot. You just repeat these same tired right wing slogans that have been repeated ad nauseum since the advent of Rush Fucking Limbaugh.

You have been brainwashed and it is fucking annoying listening to the same utterly stupid arguments that have been made for the last 40 years.

The class of citizens who get the most “handouts” are the class of citizens you foolishly apologize for.

Explaining to you why that is true would be completely futile.

Unless you are a millionaire that is just crushingly bored, you are a complete and utter fool to catapult the propaganda of the super wealthy that have pushed an agenda that has resulted in the most inequitable society since the gilded age.

But you, an unwitting tool are all for it.


Isn’t that what you want? Free money for everyone? Isn’t that the Progressive mantra?
Nice language! Great command of the English language when you have to go in the gutter to express yourself!


My fowl language is a completely justifiable response to your apologizing for the most brutal class of individuals to ever hold power in this country. It is sickening to witness a culture so completely devoid of logic, and so enthusiastic to feast on every piece of red meat thrown their direction from those who hold them in utter contempt.

The coup that has transpired over the last 40 years, is made up of individuals who play you and your ilk like a fiddle.

Music to their ears as you help orchestrate your own demise.

Get rich quick or you are fucked too.


Language like that is never justified in a civil discussion…If you hate the country that much, run for office, or leave and go to another country where you are more comfortable. You criticize me for spewing on a progressive website, why don’t you go to a country where you don’t have to put up with the Constitution in the US and is more to your liking?
Isn’t it a little cowardly to not even show your name???


You have a nasty habit of projecting arguments that haven’t been made.

Typical of any right winger.

Civil discussion? That’s what you consider your trolling that is chock full of insults thrown in every direction?

Yet again, you play the victim and whine.

Why not go check in with one of the right wing talking heads that has filled your brain with nonsense.

As per the utterly idiotic dig at my anonymity. What there is only one JonZ out there? I can search for JonZ and find out all of your personal information, including name, address, phone number, etc?

Neither one of us are anonymous to those in power you dolt, and those are the people that matter.

Right wingers jump at every chance to trample on the Constitution. All any powerful person need do is repeat some military slogan, or any other hoodwink designed to foster “patriotism”, and off Johnny Jingo will go to fight for the interests of large corporations, or fly a flag on their Ford F150 upon any given “shock and awe” attack on poor people across the globe.

Go tell someone more stupid who will be impressed with your feigned reverence to the Constitution


Tell me how Obama didn’t trample the Constitution. Tell me how the left doesn’t trample the Constitution. Tell me how your agenda is not to take from the rich and give to the poor.


first 2 years out of 8.


Tell me how Bush Jr didn’t trample the Constitution.
Tell me how the right doesn’t trample the Constitution!!!
You righty tighties never admit to your own wrong doing!!!
Point the finger at yourself first!
One thing you tighties never respect about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is our right to privacy!
Ever heard of the Patriot Act! That was one big foot stomp on the Constitution by you rightwads!


As much bitching as you do about Obama, why didn’t you leave and go to another country back then?
Don’t tell people to do things that you are too cowardly to do yourself.